Availability date postponed (preorder) - disappointed by Fanatec

Hey to all here in this forum :)

I wanted to ask how the ordering system works here at Fanatec?

I ordered four products on 06.06.20 (CSL Elite Pedale, Podium Wheel Base DD1, ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2, Podium Advanced Paddle Module). All of these products expect the DD1 were available, but the order was listed as a preorder.

So far no problem.

The availability date for all products included the DD1 was the 22.06.20 . On June 22nd the DD1 was available on the website but all other products i ordered were suddenly no longer available. The availability date changed to July 31. That is more than a month. Again.

Why are available products not put back for pre-paid pre-orders and sold to other customers so pre-orders have to wait even longer.

I read in the forum here that other people also have to wait months for their products. Yes there is Corona, but how can it be that Fanatec does not communicate with its customers at all, and sells the products with an availability that cannot be met?

Specifying an availability date and not adhering to it for over a month is disappointing for me and unfortunately customer service doesn't answer either.

Do I have any guarantee that the products will really be shipped on July 31 or will I have to wait for many months with bad luck?

I wish you all a nice evening and sorry for my bad english :(


  • Good luck getting anything. I placed my order May 11, was charged and received confirmation. Club sport 2.5 wheel showed it would be available June 12; other items were ready May 22. So far, nothing has changed in order status, no one has answered my emails sent several weeks ago and again last week. Of course, on the website, on June 12, they changed the available date to mid-July. I have never seen an organization that refuses to communicate at all, yet sells expensive stuff (my order was over $1300.00). I won’t wait much longer for some communication and if I finally give up, I will be reporting it to whoever is willing to listen. Something is just wrong about this level of corporate silence and customer service. So production is behind - I get it - but there is no excuse that’s legit for not communicating for this long while they enjoy my money - and that of a lot of others. If I were you Nico, I wouldn’t order anything until you see these problems are going away. There are MANY of us waiting beyond expected dates and not even getting a response from the company.

  • I just don’t know what to do my order was ok for dispatch today up Until yesterday when they moved the date back another month!

  • Hello Guys I think is better call the company to have information about our orders/preorders,

    general phone number is +49 (871) 9221-122.



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