Fanatec you sleep in bed the you made. (NOT A LONG MESSAGE)

I've asked people to grow up and have patience, people got trigged, I got cancelled, message cleaned but somehow deleted afterward. This is what impatient cancel people do!

BTW, I'm waiting 6 months for a driver.

Good night.



  • Mr Leonard. You have double standards. You can't begin an argument on another thread stating you fully support a business and then, in the next breath, decide to throw them under the bus. That is unfair. If you have an actual gripe with Fanatec, do as others do - keep it on point. It's a bit spiteful bringing in a review of the company and pushing it in the faces of people who are on the frustrating end of back logged kit.

    You haven't even stated what the issue is or what driver you need (even if you've mentioned it in threads elsewhere).

    Everyone is on edge at the moment including Fanatec staff.

    State your issue in an informative (and angry if you feel inclined) way, so that people know what you mean.

  • I dont think he is the one who rated them. He is just posting notice of it.

  • LOL, basing that on 31 reviews, while Fanatec has how many users now?! Ye, more than 1000 for sure xD

    Dude, stop creating unecessary posts and wasting your, and everyone else's time.

  • I’ll be putting a negative review forward if I don’t get a response soon I emailed them about a month ago and nothing ..

  • I’ve had a message, via forum, people are reading and helping us, I guess that’s the problem it’s hard to get through to talk to fanatec, that’s why they are getting negative reviews right now, it’s not that they don’t care it’s just they are completely overloaded and lack a system capable of handling the new mass of orders. As soon as you manage to get in contact issues are sorted quickly

  • Yeah, I feel Fanatec are coming through and out the other side of this now. Still probably a long road ahead but hopefully an easier one.

  • I agree. Admittedly I was probably one of the vocal about their displeasure but after Dom got in contact I feel like they've come through.

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    My driver issue doesn't involve me saying the company is a scam! It doesn't involve dragging others to in conjunction bash the company by posting one day no tracking or 60 days no order yet negative "reviews" on a DRIVER FORUM!. I'M HERE FOR MY DRIVER! If you have a technical problem I can help with I'll do that! if not I'll keep my mouth SHUT!


    I don't attack anyone, I've COPY PASTED Fanatec's own FAQ information in a post. I was attacked told to F* off, and accused for putting misinformation, moderator asked to verify if my person worked at Fanatec! if you gonna play like that, I will play along! I'm not your child! Any knows that by clicking on someone's name you'll see who is who and even when they got here.

    That post contained COPY/PASTED Fanatec's own FAQ on how and what to do if something goes awry with your order. It was removed!!!! Cause someone got trigged!

    I'm merely illustrating how you guys ( not YOU guys here but in general ) treat the company any ANYONE who doesn't agree with your views! That is CANCEL CULTURE people!

    Anyhow guy's this is my issue with my CSL Elite wheelbase and my Porsche 911 CUP wheel, 6 moths waiting! And when I asked about it a few times ON THIS FORUM! I was told it's getting old! AGAIN, SO I CAN'T HAVE A SAY IN THIS? YOU CAN GET YOU MONEY BACK FOR ITEMS NOT RECIEVED! I CAN'T!!!!!! I don't need to, IT HAS TO WORK LIKE I WAS PROMISED!!!!


    Now tell me, who stopped being polite here?



    You made ONE order I placed SEVERAL! Had one issue with my first order, It was resolved by EMAIL!!!!

    And STILL!!!!

    Don't play stupid games with me people! My opinion counts too! You're not more than me, and I'm not more than you!

  • Okay! Good post! And fair. I understand how frustrating it is for you. You have the right to be angry. I assume you have contacted support? People, like you, were frustrated/angry/fed up for many reasons. It's human nature. Most on here, like you, had no issues with waiting, it was lack of communication that soured the forums. People post "Where's my stuff!" Rather than "can somebody talk to me". Because "where's my stuff!" Is clear and to the point. They need communication.

    I've seen a few YouTube videos talking about compatibility with that wheel. I can only assume that no Fanatec software engineer will dare release an unstable driver or firmware in case it causes damage or other issues. I've had compatibility issues with things were it took 18 months before a firmware was released and the items could communicate properly. Audio kit being the main culprits.

    Fanatec kit seems to be quite complex. I guess they can't rush a driver/firmware until it's solid.

  • I don't get what you're fussing about TBH.

    You bought the PME, which already stated very clearly it doesn't support anything but Podiums. That's also the reason I went with the R300 Podium rather than the Porsche wheel.

    The thing you linked is the QR system itself. The QR system is, indeed, compatible with everything Fanatec currently produces.

    Marcel only has beta drivers for the Clubsport 2.5: you demanding he sends you anything is frankly ridiculous. If he doesn't have it, he doesn't have it. Not like anyone tricked you into thinking it's out-of-the-box compatible with the CSL Elite.

    Now, sales, that's another story for another time, but in your coherence you lost your message and just look like you're rambling.

  • Nobody asked you! And why are you rambling here then? Don't let my words bother you. Move along kid, go complain about tracking number. This post is for COMPLETED purchases only! You placing an order means JACK! Company can tell you after 6 weeks, sorry here's you money back! I bought Porsche wheel cause it's my money. You don't decide what I can buy or not.

    I'm getting TIRED of these attacks!

  • Black gamers are way to often excluded from this community. The majority of gamers in the U.S. and Europe are male and white. In this monolithic environment, Black gamers get treated like an unwelcome minority. For Black gamers, online multiplayer modes and forums are a toxic environment where they have to hide who they are or what they say in order to save themselves from harassment and verbal abuse.

    And don't talk to me about sales, being angry yada yada. it's EVERTHING I say YOU GUYS ATTACK. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR RACISM! And I'm beginning to smell it!

    Get this racist behavior of what I can say do or buy out of my way G!

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    And what demand? You clearly can't read of follow a conversation or know what 'I'm trying to illustrate there.

    Did I say I thought it worked out of the box? I'M STILL WAITING FOR A DRIVER!!!! Is what I said!!!

    Watch before you leap. And make sure you never direct a word to me again! What you think I am, a FOOL?

    Compatibility to other Fanatec wheel bases will be added in future firmware updates.

    I'm 6 months in the futrure! Space-x put two men in space! We got AI robots starring in movies! We got germ killing wireless earbuds!

    But you want me to hear irritable complains about sales? I already bought and received my merchandise! It's nice to get to use it too! I listen to you talking about tracking numbers you get to listen to my WHERE IS MY DRIVER SONG!


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    Try to understand. These conversations happened in separate topics, I left the names out cause I'm not putting anyone on blast here!

    And there goes another one 👆️.

    I'm not bothered of seeing their complaints, I ask my self why do they post it here instead of sending it in a message to sales department. Why do want people see you bad experience in hastiness knowing you'll get your stuff. Why call the company a scammer? Have they send you a box full of candy instead of a wheelbase?


    scam is a term used to describe any fraudulent business or scheme that takes money or other goods from an unsuspecting person.

    Was it unsuspected?

    You had to click this.

    I knew, you say when I bought my wheel? Yes I knew. You knew this too ⬆️. Same waters different boats, you weren't told your orders were to be delivered in the FUTURE, but I was. Who hurts most now?

    Compatibility to other Fanatec wheel bases will be added in future firmware updates.

    It turned out be long anyways, I'm a posts scammer sorry.

  • I'm confused, are you complaining about people complaining about sales, or the fact your PME isn't supported by the CSL?

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    Mr Leonard, considering the political climate and recent events, you've just destroyed any initial respect I had for you. I hate racism and you've just played the one card that really grips my S**t! Falling back on your native origins to push a point not only weakens your argument but also your position in an argument. It's also incredibly bad taste considering what has recently happened in America and also what the rest of the world are doing to try to make amends.

    I would suggest the mods close this thread.

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    Neither, I have complained about it in the past. cause here is where you can do it. If you have a sales problem telling other people about on a forum, will that get you your money back? Will it make them process your order any faster on your order? No.

    I brought it up cause this is an ongoing discussion with some people who clearly want read these desperate threads instead of directing the desperate ones to the right channels. And me pointing out type of behaviors that go along with people that think they've waited too long for a tracking number, or an and order to be even processed. There is nothing happening it world that we don't know about. It's that people have become less tolerant for some time now and for the slightest issues.

    Short: You order something, after one week you don't get a response. You send and email, still nothing after 3 days, ask for your money back, still noting after 1 day. File a claim with PayPal or your bank, that's why you don't make direct online CC purchases.

    The moderators work is to address these complaints. And not monitor hurt feelings! You contact the person, check his case, get back to him, tell him the circumstances around his order, give him an option to wait a few days or cancel the order and give him his money back. Then close and remove THAT post. So new potential customers and not scared away by it.

    And I don't know what a new customer is doing on a forum anyway. You wanna buy something, if you like it buy it. If you're having issues with it after you've bought it, THEN you go to a forum. Are we this careful when buying nowadays, or are we just sensitive?

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    Be very careful of what you're doing here Jim. You're bringing up the political climate I didn't! I brought up the gaming climate I have to deal with.

    It wasn't directed at you I didn't quote anyone, and I could really pull the card on you now and call you the R name, but I'm not I didn't call anyone that. Cause unlike you Jim, I didn't loose respect for ANYONE here.


    Black gamers are way to often excluded from this community. The majority of gamers in the U.S. and Europe are male and white. In this monolithic environment, Black gamers get treated like an unwelcome minority. For Black gamers, online multiplayer modes and forums are a toxic environment where they have to hide who they are or what they say in order to save themselves from harassment and verbal abuse.

    Still love you Jim.

  • Marlon, I was being careful and courteous which is why I am disappointed that you brought colour into the discussion as no one but you has mentioned it on this thread. It's unfair on everyone to raise the "Black gamers/white gamers" argument because you have created a divide which I find reprehensible and others may find extremely awkward.

    I didn't know and didn't care whether you were black or white before you mentioned it and I still don't. Mentioning that black gamers get a raw deal IS playing the R card because you've raised an objection based on race. The same definition would be for male and female gamers or politicians, etc. I am saying no one should EVER fall back on their creed (in this case) as an excuse. That is where the R word stems from. People (in my book) are defined by their continuous actions, NOT their colour or creed, etc.

    The main issue is that you have problems with Fanatec kit and I've maintained all over this forum that people will get the best response if they stay on point. it's been a frustrating time for many on here and each has his/her own individual problems and ways of trying to achieve a solution. From patiently waiting to rage quitting. It's a choice that we make and we must make it alone. But the forum will help if people are on point and we don't snipe at each other. XX

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    You WAS courteous?

    You better always be Jim, these are dangerous times for you be talking like this! BE CAREFUL! Don't let my skin color bother, disappoint or deceive you.

    You asked for this:

    State your issue in an informative (and angry if you feel inclined) way, so that people know what you mean.

    I've done so:


    You even agreed:

    Okay! Good post! And fair. I understand how frustrating it is for you.

    But managed to pick one thing that wasn't directed at you, and still chose to attack!

    You've just destroyed any initial respect I had for you


    I've dealt with people like before, it didn't fare well for them, I'm not American, dude! I'm not the one. I don't live my life on my knees, begging for free crap or claim to get something for free because of my skin color! That I leave for your Americans! Fighting and other ways to deal with my problems has been a way life for me in Europe. I'm in a good place now, because of Fanatec. I don't care what your problem is, cause it's not my problem. you don't wanna wait, get your money back! You don't like your president? That is not my problem, I like him! You don't care about my skin color? I don't care about yours either! I used to drive fast cars that I bought in the US and have dealt with people like you before on my travels. So let's leave this here.

    I care about ME and this company that hasn't been all this bad to me you people wanna claim it to be. I WON'T LET YOU PEOPLE TAKE TAKE IT DOWN, if that's the case. Even if the company wanna take it self down with your help!

    THIS IS MY RACE CARD: I want MY DRIVER, but that doesn't make Fanatec the worst company ever, it doesn't make them scammers. In the mean time I got other nice Fanatec wheels I can entertain my self with.

    To me this is the best company IN THE WORLD! And I got proof it it!


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    Okay. I'll let you proceed how you like. I cant argue a point you aren't aware of. Good luck with your driver. I hope it works out..

  • if someone has a skin colour of black, white, pink, blue, yellow, brown or grey, does their text show in their skin colour in a forum post ?

    I'm here......, I cannot understand how can people be racist when they have no idea of what the persons skin colour with whom they are speaking With ?

    Can anyone tell my ethnic origin, skin colour, which god I believe in, if I eat meat, if I don’t eat meat or if I am gay or straight from this post ?

    sheesh 🙄

    ps, no I won’t wind my neck in, if people made sense on here I wouldn’t have to wind it out in the first place.

    two words = Grow Up Or shut up, both words have the same outcome........

  • Don't even know what you're talking about. The post is over 4 pages old! if you're looking for a driver go to:

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