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Just like most people in this forum, not really getting any replies back from emails, but not even getting a confirmation email back saying I have sent an email. Could you check to see if there is one in the queue from myself about the above order? Sent first over 2 weeks ago, another just over a week ago and one yesterday? I just want to know what has happened to my order just like everyone else.

I honestly don't mind waiting, its the lack of communication that isn't doing it for me.

I think a lot of people have booked time off around this time in the hopes their order would come around the time it was stated initially on their order, i currently have the next few days off but its looking like it wont get to me this week anyway.

just for other people reading this, From the UK, first placed order on the 4th June, with stock saying initially would be in for the 3rd, then 1 item (cs v2 wheel) went to 31st July, now all 4 items are now saying 29th June (CS 2.5 base csl pedals +load cell. Honestly wouldnt even be mad if i got told my order was delayed a month or just some update through email! These are weird times but it just common courtesy to get back to customers that have spent this much on a product.



  • I ordered 24th may mate and still not heard a thing about it. Tried sending 2 emails and nothing back. I’ve got 2k sat in there bank the least they can do is give us some info

  • Same here, I prepaid for my order 2 weeks ago and haven't had any confirmation that my payment has been received let alone when the order is likely to be shipped.

    Being busy is no excuse for not acknowledging orders, with all these prepayments and no goods being shipped they should have enough money in the bank to employ some customer service or sales staff. It doesn't take much training to simply provide an order status or check if a payment has been received.

    I also find it quite rude and insulting that they have the audacity to tell people to avoid contacting them when the reason they are getting so many messages (which are being ignored anyway) is because of their ineptitude and total lack of communication in the first place.

  • Just an update. So talked to a few racing friends and all their orders have been processed yesterday, and today we all been given UPS tracking. So looks like they have got the ball rolling on the stuck preorders! Still no communication like but least its on it's way!

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