New Porsche Rim lineup

This might be a stupid question, but I am not sure how else to get in contact with Fanatec and not sure where else to find a definitive answer.

I currently have the CSL Elite base + PS4 but only use it on my PC to sim so with that said- Will either the Podium version or Clubsport version work with the this base or must one have to order the components separate like the rim, shifter, hub and NO Podium Button module? I understand that the button module is to work with the V2.5 at a later date, but it makes no mention of the CSL Elite +.

Another question is for the V2.5 users is if one orders either the Podium or Clubsport version, will they get no functionality at all or is is that only the buttons on the module and some of the display features will not work?

Thanks in advanced for the help!

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