PC question : CSL Elite F1® Set - officially licensed PS4 (+ website issue ?)

Hi, I have question asked by email x2 but I can't find an answer. Does your email system work ? @ Fanatec

I see here https://fanatec.com/eu-en/bundles/csl-elite-f1-set-officially-licensed-for-ps4 for PC & PS4

but reading the text makes me lost...

is this bundle for both or for ps4 only ? if not, what version is it for PC ?

if i "add to shopping cart" through that page, is it PC version I'd purchase ?

Can FANATEC answer ?

Thank you.


  • edited November 2019

    Every Fanatec Base works on PC.

  • Good to know. Thanks. I would have prefered one answer from Fanatec for that one. Can't we be in touch with them before and after buying ? Any email contact ???

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