New to F1 game, 2 newbie questions

Hi everyone

I've been looking for a few weeks now at the Fanatec wheel and it looks amazing. I'm very tempted but I have some basic/newbie questions that I would be grateful for help with.

i'm an amateur player, I have my A1 on 50 and I find that enjoyable and competitive. My laps are often scrappy and beyond lots of practice I wondered if the wheel will actually help me tidy up my driving?

I'm not worried about being the fastest ever driver though I love the idea of immersive aspect of the wheel but will the wheel likely make me faster?

I'm assuming it will as gear changes must be easier, currently I use automatic on the controller and all the info I have seen manual seems to add time with short shifting and dropping before corners.

So in summary is it easier to drive clean laps for an amateur player like me and will it make me quicker?

Thank you


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Justin,

    Switching to a wheel and pedal set doesn't automatically make you faster, but it allows for more precision and consistency with your inputs compared to a normal controller. The more realistic the simulation, the more benefit you'll get from using realistic input devices. You may not see immediate improvements (you may even be slower at the start while you get used to it), but if you give it some time, it should definitely help.

    And yes, in many racing games there is a small penalty for using gear shift assistance (the actual shift time is slightly longer than what is possible in full manual), and sometimes auto mode will not put you in an optimal gear for a certain corner. Using manual gears does feel more intuitive with dedicated equipment, but I would say this is only a small factor in terms of potential pace improvement. The real benefits come from precision steering and pedal inputs, particularly when braking.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Thank you for your reply

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