Does fanatec not ship items on fridays?

I ordered a dd1 on the 28th with overnight shipping I was finally sent an email saying they couldn't ship it on Turkey day which I couldn't understand since I thought it was coming from Germany. I get another e mail this morning saying it won't get to me until next week even though I paid for next day shipping it's Friday and still hasn't been sent out I've messaged thr moderator multiple times with no response I feel like I should be refunded my overnight shipping cost as I've ordered it says it's in stock but nothing. I've been reading some pretty bad reviews about fanatec now a days I've had great luck with them in the past but think I might move on....


  • If you are in Europe it will come from Germany, NA, OCE and Japan have their own stock as far as I know, it is also important to note what time of day you did your order to whether or not you can expect it to have been sent that day.

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