F1 2020 LTD wheel paddles problem

edited July 21 in Steering Wheels

Need of some help, just got my F1 2020 LTD wheel and the paddle shifters aren’t working in game. It seem that also the left paddle shows engaged on the mapping application but I’m not holding the paddle down? (see photo below)

The left (downshift) paddle makes a dull noise different than the right paddle. I have updated everything to the latest firmware on the website. I have the CSL ELITE PS4 wheel base, v3 pedals and the new F1 2020 LTD edition wheel. On the F1 game I get the screen flashing back and forth like the paddle shifter is stuck engaged and when I use the right shifter to scroll through the menus it just goes automatically back to the left starting point. I can’t map any buttons to the wheel either.

Also the “2020 F1 wheel” isn’t showing up on the F1 game Control options for wheel versions not sure if I have to choose the V2 or other. I’ve tried updating, restarting, but nothing seems to work. I have the latest firmware both V346 & then V347 on the wheel (see photo)

If anyone can help it would be great


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