DD1 Voucher Cannot Be Redeemed on the New Website

I received and have been saving my voucher from the DD1 shipping delay. I finally want to use it but cannot because the new Fanatec website is not quite ready for prime time. No matter the item the website returns an error stating the voucher can't be used on bundles even though I'm not trying to buy a bundle.

Over the past week or so I've emailed, posted on Facebook, Reddit, to try and get some help. DomB from Reddit said he submitted a ticket, but who knows how long it will take to fix the website. The voucher expires this week...so I'd definitely like to use it and not let $350 go down the drain. I tried calling the German support line which the website says is open 8am-4pm German time, but then when you call it says it's only open 2pm-4pm which seems like a really small window. The web chat support feature seems to be non-existent as well now.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm sure it being Black Friday week is slowing down customer support response time.


  • I am having more or less the same issue. I've been saving the DD2 voucher for the new podium 911 GT3 wheel, ever since Thomas threw it at our faces at simexpo last year :)

    However in my case I just get a blank page with http 500 error. I've noticed that if I go back to the homepage the discount is actually applied, but if I click on the cart, again no game, as the side pop up appears but totally blank again. So far I've tried sending a message from site support but still waiting as it was weekend and just sent an email to webshop as well. I guess all we can do for now is wait it out and see. But hopefully somebody from Fanatec picks this up as the voucher, at least in my case, expires in 4 days.

  • I'm sitting in the same boat. Wanted to use that voucher for one of the Black Friday offers. Same error as you guys. Made a post in the Black Friday blog and Dominik answered

    It seems there are issues relating to redeeming vouchers due to the new website. As you are unable to use your voucher we will of course honour your voucher beyond the expiry date. Please contact the sales team via [email protected]

    Did that but no reaction from Fanatec until now. I'm a very patient guy but if that voucher expires without me beeing able to use it I might get really pissed.

  • Thanks for that feedback Matthias; it sounds like they will help us out. This is also likely the busiest time of the year for them. I'll relax and just wait for a response. But your message from Dom makes me feel better.

  • Well, I'm not all that relaxed.

    While I do apreciate Doms response in a blog on a Saturday afternoon, I'm not sure wether that's something we can rely on once Decamber 8 is over.

  • Just to let you know guys (if you haven't tried it yourselves by now), I've just tried again using the voucher with my order and this time it went through just fine :) I've just placed my order with the discount applied. I haven't received an answer to my email asking about the issue yet, I just tried it again. So it seems they have resolved the issue. Try using the voucher again yourselves, hopefully it will be OK for all now :)

  • Voucher kind of works now. For some reason it thinks the h-pattern shifter and handbrake are a bundle and doesn't work. But it works with some other combinations of items. So I have to pay $50 more for the shifter since the voucher wasn't working last week, and I can't get the handbrake. Should I order something else or tempt fate and wait for them to fix it more.

  • Thanks for the hint regarding the vouchers. Mine worked as well. Shopping cart was still filled so this took just a miniute.

    Fanatec and communication stays a miracle ;-) No info about that, not by mail nor in the blog/forum. Just a quick "fixed, pls try again" would have been great.

  • That's good to hear :) That's 2 of us sorted then. Well, for sure it would be nice to be let known it was fixed, but I suspect they're still going through their backlog and haven't even read our emails yet 😂. Bad timing I guess with the New Site/Black Friday/Daily Operations and sales, the workload triples but the headcount remains the same, it must be hectic right now.

    @ Michael, well in my case I would wait to get what I need/want as I don't have any reason to believe that they won't honor your voucher, since there was actually an issue preventing you from using it. BUT, only Fanatec can truly answer your question so I guess the decision is up to you.

    One thing I've noticed though and maybe you can try, since what you are after is the SQ shifter and handbrake, the SQ shifter the word 'Bundle' on the store page, but the new limited edition does not. The price is the same, so If you haven't already, I would try buying the handbrake with the new shifter.

  • I'm impatient I guess...I bought the limited edition shifter and APM. I figured out it's an issue with the handbrake itself. With just the handbrake in the cart it still thinks there is some kind of bundle going on and won't let you use the voucher.

    Fanatec why do you do this to yourselves...a new website, Black Friday, and the holidays at the same time.

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