Howto first installation, driver first ? Or hardware connection first?


-I'd like to know for a first installation of a DD1, do we have to install the driver first and then turn on the wheell base or do we turn on the wheel base and then install the driver?

-The last official driver is 335?



  • Recommended driver for DD wheelbase is Beta 346. Install the driver first. :-)

  • Ok thanks, but the recommanded driver to install are beta ? That 's surprising , don't you think?

  • Nope, it's not supprising, it adds a lot of new functions to the driver panel comapred to the official release and is tested as working fine for the Podium bases. The official driver is getting pretty old.

    I installed V346 on my brand new Podium right away and updated both the base and motor firmware. Works like a charm.

    V347 however gives a lot of problems.

  • Ok thanks for the details, and what do you think of Fanalab, not too many issues? I can install it?

  • I haven't installed Fanalab yet, should do it sometime soon as well. ;)

  • I think it is surprising. Been that way since June - software gets developed, released in Beta and we all willingly test it but it never gets a full release. Maybe xmas will bring us a full new release. :-)

    But to the OP - Beta 346 is the recommended version for DD wheels. Do not use 347 as it has issues with DD wheels.

  • Ok thanks ;)

  • I agree with that, we shouldn’t be all willingly testing beta software.

    But what’s in a name?

    346 is called a beta but really stable and changed a lot since the latest official build.

    And the official MacOS Catalina is a full build but has the quirks of a true Beta.

    It all depends on what the developer calls it but I prefer the first approach.

  • Ios 13 was a true beta, certainly the worst ;)

  • Fanatec do not have the confidence in 346 version to make it a full release and make it the recommended driver on the product download pages. I use 346, I have no issues with it but unless I use the forums I would not know about it. Most users will follow Fanatec's recommendation on the product page and use 335. 6 months on these improvements should not only be available in the beta software - the release version should be updated with the improvements.

    The other point is that we do not know if these betas are stable and usable for all until we test them! And they do have issues, current issues present in 346 are coil whine for some, notch feeling for some. 347 is not usable on DD wheels. They are software versions that Fanatec are giving limited release so that they can be tested in the wild - that's what's in a name - they are betas. I know that other manufactures do similar things and accept your points on MacOS but adopting the attitude that others do it, so why don't we only leads to a race to the bottom. Who wants that?

  • It’s my first install, i want 0 problem. Regarding you comment, i am hesitating

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