Connecting new Fanatec CSL elite wheel to PC via USB caused sparks (and power cut to the apartment)

now my PC is fried. to see if the problem was coming from the wheel, i tried to connect to the playstation too, and the same thing happened (sparks on the usb port + power cut). now also my tv seems not to turn on anymore.

how can I replace the defective wheel and how can I claimed something from the damage caused by the defective product?



  • after testing the playstation afterwards I can also confirm that the Playstaton doesn't work anymore (white led of death).

    Thanks Fanatec: you've managed to destroy pc, playstation and tv in one shot. lots of damage.

  • Please contact Fanatec Support through the main site to get an RMA and also to discuss the problem of your destroyed equipment.

  • I've contacted the support and they offered an RMA. took some days to respond tho and still there's no mention of anything about the goods damaged by the product. is there a quicker way to contact the service? with a response every few days this might drag for weeks.

  • I'm not sure about the length of time for responses, but I'm sure they will take care of you.

    With that being said, once they get the wheelbase back, they are going to have to see if the can "replicate" the situation you have experienced. I think that's only fair since people make a lot of claims and it turns out to be something different. I AM NOT saying you are incorrect in your findings. I'm just saying give them a chance to figure things out and get back to you.


  • I bet you get a 10% discount maybe even a 30 dollar voucher, save it they may have new pedals coming!

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