Shipping question

Here is an issue I am wondering if anyone has had. I purchased a F1 wheel that said was available when I purchased. Few days later got the email on July 16th saying sent to warehouse for processing. A couple days later I got a tracking number and said my item expected delivery Friday 7-24...I live in Nevada..On thusday 7/23 item was picked up in Sante fe springs also shows as delivered to La Miranda Ca at the same time 4:52pm. And it was signed for by initials NNO. Now will I get another new tracking number?..I have ordered a couple other items and had no issues once i got tracking number. This issue is wierd because item was picked up and delivered at same time...this happen to anyone else? Here is fed ex tracking number to see what I am talking about. 904807915048 


  • Problem was a duplicate tracking number...wheel arrived today. So i made 3 seperate orders in last 3 weeks and all have arrived within 10 days of purchase. Good job Fanatec. I just made sure item was showing as available before ordering.

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