Wheels not powering on , CSW base V1 is . Red flashing lights .

My set up is 7 yrs old and have never had a problem . I have the BMW and Formula Black wheels and the original pedals . Have recently added the Sq 1.5 shifter . So now there is no power getting to either wheel and the lights rotate clockwise on the start button when a wheel is connected but acts normal without wheel connected .

No pins are broken and the drivers have been updated . So I'm just seeing if anyone else has had this problem! I have emailed support twice in the last 3 weeks with no response.

I don't know what the rotating flashing lights represent , other than " it's broken " ! Any help is appreciated .


  • Hi Dom,

    I have a v2.5 wheel base and I have the same problem.

    I must disconnect the wheel and then mountong on the base (still powered on). Then the wheel is recognised.

  • I have a new V2.5 CSW and the base defaults to blue flashing immeadiately on start up without pressing the start button. the after actvating start up mode it flashes continuously red and wont switch off. Any assistance would be appreciated?

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