What will be the hottest feature of the ClubSport Wheel V2?



  • Yes, PC and XO compatibility, the two best racing platforms!
  • I i'm willing to get a durable and a really strong wheel :)
  • My next wheel base + CSW Porsche 918 RSR.
    It's time to update my CSR !!!
  • i just want to replace my csp v1 et my gt3rs V2 but if i must wait too long i will buy another wheel but not fanatec.
  • I would like to try this wheel :) I play alot of iRacing and Assetto Corsa, I think it is the best wheel on the market today.
  • currently own a CSR Elite, 911 Turbo S and the Ver2 will be my next wheel.. i dont care about the price! i just want it! and i really hope i will be choosen!

  • Its  my next purchase ;-)
  • Ganz klar: Multiplattformkompatibilität inkl. Xbox-One Support! Freue mich schon darauf, mit dem Teil in Forza 5 zu fahren!
  • I've had several set-ups over the years and a year ago I bought a barely used Fanatec and have been impressed.  I'm very interested in buying this is there is XBOX One compatibility.  I love the quality feel of Fanatec products and am looking forward to seeing how amazing this wheel is (Beta or not). 

  • Can't wait to get my hands of this CSW V2 unit. Well done Thomas and team  :D
  •  Wireless (optional dongle?) data transmission?
  • All of those features sound great, especially higher precision and more durability...
    I think it's time to replace my old Turbo S wheel.
  • Great effort from fanatec... Looking forward to return to pc simracing with this base!!!
  • I'm a early adapter and I stay one ;)
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    I can't say Good bye to my GT3rsV2, but....!
    We drove like crazy and had such a good time! It got so sad, when it heard of the new Base and when i read these improvements to it, its starts to cry. Yesterday it told me: "I don't want you to look for other wheels. Im your wheel and we got such a beautiful history and now you will throw it in the trash. You told me you would love me forever."

    Did anyone knows a good divorce lawyer? :-c 
  • Other driver for the release? 
  • Kann nicht viel dazu sagen ausser das ich mich riesig auf die neue CSW V2 freue
  • For me the most Important Reason for the V2, is the new Coolingsystem because im driving much ForceFeedback and the Base V1 cant handle it so good
  • Be possible to use the same wheel on new generation console and PC is what everyone expected!
  • La compatibilidad con PS4 
  • PC und PS4 Support ist schon mega geil...
    Wenn ich jetzt eine Base für meine Rig bekommen könnte wären meine Zockernächte gesichert :D
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    I voted:
    *Compatibility to Xbox One and PC
    The reasons for this vote is because I have been waiting years for the ultimate wheel base which will work on all my devices for future proofing when racing sims are only released on a console.

    *More torque power
    This is something I am always trying to get more off, I find it fun to play with especially since I like using genuine supercar wheels which are heavy (even with the stripping inside for airbag etc)  (so desperate to break my wrist :p)

    *Double the resolution on the steering axis
    Accuracy and precision is my thing Im a Perfectionist, (can you blame me) which is why I resort to Fanatecs unmistakable Germaneering :)

    I keep cramming money through the microphone and camera but nothing happens :(
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    I think the most important feature is simultaneously compatibility to all 3 platforms (PC, xbox, PS) like in Fanatec CSR, and of course there are other no less important things like durability, silent work, force feedback, etc.
    But next-gen is here now and multiplatform is very important feature (at least for me)
  • Tolle Umfrage!!

    Und wieder mal ist dieses "Will ich haben" Gefühl da.....

  • Its going to be interesting to see what you guys can do with the V2. The V1 felt pretty good and I can only imagine how the V2 will feels with all its upgrades. Also very cool to see the price way below the other high end wheels and giving people a chance to actually buy it with out a loan.
  • Can't wait to get my hands on it =)
  • What I would really like that in my country Brazil, we had an official representative of the brand, since, not only in my country but throughout south america we are lovers of the brand and if we want to have a Fanatec product we have to rely on a friend or relative who go traveling to Europe or USA to bring the same. We have several AV in alloys and with millions of players on both consoles as Pc, so once again I ask you to look fondly at those admirers of the brand. Fanatec thank for providing us with quality products.
  • feel disappointed not getting invite because i only brought crs forza wheel kit and stand but hayho hope to win a invite if not i have to wait
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    Rock Solid! Nothing worse than seeing your favourite piece of equipment in the house failing.

    I absolutely loved the engineering behind the Clubsport Base V1, being a mechanical engineer myself. So much that I had both
    the CSR Elite and CSW Base at the same time. So a new base which is Rock Solid
    in durability is all I needed and want to own right now. And Fanatec has
    provided so much more with the base that it makes it a must have.

  • Have owned CSP pedals and have gotten a chance to try a friends CSW v1. I'm looking forward to the strong brushless servo motor, precision and quality product.
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