What will be the hottest feature of the ClubSport Wheel V2?



  • Well done Thomas, I like all the new features of the new CSW v2!
    Waiting for the order 
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    I can't wait to have Less cogging force (notchiness) and better feeling for subtle force effects  to get a better feeling in the steering wheel, to feel all the effects from the roads, for me that's the most important thing. 
  • Love Fanatec <3
  • Wow! This must be a very good improvement over the V1. Very promising features and incredible performance. I can't wait to be able to buy this one!
  • I'm from Brasil need to selling in South América, i'm interessed to buy a wheel and fanatec is difficult to search in Brasil.
  • It seems most of the features of this new version aimed towards reliability ...

    Which is nice and makes it very désirable !

  • Yes, same with others. I will purchase regardless of invite but it would be nice to laid my hands on the new V2 and promote it to other sin racers!
  • In layman's terms: Better force feedback = Better sim driving experience.

  • Looking forward to getting one ASAP! Very anxious to test and compare to my CSW V1, T500RS, and other wheels. I love the CSW V1, very excited for the V2. Thank you for your great designs and developing all the new products!
  • I have never owned a wheel and pedal setup, but Forza 5 is just too good not to have one. Almost ordered the Thrustmaster last week but luckily stumbled across the facebook teasers and new i had to wait a little longer.
  • I really need to replace my fanatec GT2
  • This base will be great with pCars and Assetto Corsa !
  • Hello Thomas,

    According to me, the idea to make compatibility possible through wheel rims is awesome. Indeed, having only one quality base and having great racing experiences on PC AND consoles, in a few seconds thanks to the quick release, is just phenomenal. I did not own a Clubsport base V1 but what I read on the new specs seems to be an improvement at every level.
    I would normally (I hope) receive an invitation code, so do not take into account my post for that, I wish that most people can buy this dream base.

    Thanks again to all of the Fanatec team. We are waiting for your email
  • Fanatec  great, keep it up !!, I am very happy with the improvements in this new whell, if not because there is not a year my v1 I bought it without thinking
  • appearance and full compatibility with ps4 and one pc game on all three platforms
  • I would be glad to buy one of the incredible, awesome new wheel-bases. please send an invite to me. can't wait longer to become a member of the clubsport-family!!
  • I was waiting for this announcement! I plan on buying the full suite including the new v2 base, shifter, v2 pedals, handbrake and a few wheel rims. Hoping I'm able to get an invite!
  • Glad I waited a bit longer, I was going to purchase one last month and hopefully I can purchase this one instead. Looking forward to getting my hands on one as soon as possible.
  • For me the Next Gen Consol Support is the best Feature!
  • Can't wait to own a CSW Base 2! I own two CSW's currently due to the reliability issue and have been entertaining the idea of a servo base.  Great to see Fanatec is releasing one which fits all of their rims! :) 

    Good work! 
  • I feel you have really stepped up your game with this wheel.  You've addressed many of the potential downsides to your product I, for one, cannot wait to buy this wheel.

    Well Done!
  • I can't wait to get the chance to purchase one of these. Product looks absolutely stunning.
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  • hi,

    already having a cspv2, I can say that it is very good material !! And there with the CSW V2, we made a big step forward !! I want to say, nice work the team FANATEC !! I want one !!!

  • Next Gen Support is a really good feature!
  • Definitely improved durability. Thought about getting an original CSW base but heard from a number of sides that durability isn't its strongest point and for this amount of money this is a MUST. Hoping the best and would like to try it myself ;)
  • Although the csw v1 is very well for me the new features sound really good!
  • The direct drive and the durability are for me the best improvements of CSW v2. Can´t wait to purchase it!!
  • Hard to pick just 3 things, they all sound amazing. Looking forward to the upgrade!
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