Universal Hub screws are the wrong size for the Hub?


I bought the Universal Hub for Xbox One. I am now trying to connect it to the Fanatec GT wheel. However upon trying to connect the wheel, I've realized that the screws that came with the Hub are the wrong size for the Hub? I am not sure but they seem one size to big. Tomorrow I will go get the correct size allen wrench but I have tried to fit them with my hands and it seems they are to large. Anyone else have this issue? Not a big deal obviously. Just want to know if anyone else has had this problem.


  • Could you post a picture?

  • Are you talking about the new Porsche GT3 wheel?

    If so it should come with different screws for the Xbox and Podium as I understood from this video.

    Have yet to receive mine, also with Xbox hub, next week I guess.

  • Sorry fellas and gals I have taken this long to reply. Life has just been in the way and an obvious priority. Anyways...

    I completely misjudged the hex screw size and I was wrong. They do fit! Anyway thanks for replying and sorry to send off any false alarm bells.

    Thanks. 😀

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