*URGENT *Friday request* URGENT *Friday request* URGENT*


I have a small request, can I have AT LEAST the PBM, gear indicator and buttons working on the CSL Elite? By Friday please, It can't be that hard and It's noting to get mad about please help.




  • No.

    Support for CSL Elite will take more time and it won't happen to get support for it in 3 days.

    First is CSW, only then CSL.

  • No?

    Why not? I want details, I want more than No, I'm not 5! If you can't do it by Friday do it by Saturday then, 4 days! I hope this not a sales tactic, cause every DD1 and DD2, V3 pedals, even the inverted has sold out in the last months, hell even the extension cables sold out! Why keep playing games. It's a driver not water from the moon! If you tell me the ITM is difficult to translate into the CLS Elite I could say mehh, but nothing else.

    Make a detailed YouTube video explain this , you have noting else to do anyways. Details that's what I want, not blunt answers or sales tactics .


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    Marlon, come on. Dont be like that.

    You know its impossible to get support done in 3 or 4 or 5 days.

    First the update for CsW has to be released, only then support for CSL PS4 will come in the future.

    So no, there wont be an update for the CSL for Friday or Saturday, also not for nect week.

  • Mehhh,

    I thought there was work going on for the CSL Elite, cause the CSW already had partial compatibility.

    Hm, ok...


  • "Why not? I want details, I want more than No, I'm not 5!"

    "*URGENT *Friday request* URGENT *Friday request* URGENT*"

    They're completely overwhelmed by everything and trying to sort requests and trying to keep fires to a minimum. It's pretty unreasonable to force them a deadline on their own products.

  • Force them?

    "I have a small request, can I have" still a question in my book. This is in the past now, don't know what you're doing here.

    Move on.

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