McLaren GT3 ONE1 Explained.

McLaren GT3 ONE1.

I'm always upgrading and making things better or unique to my style. As I've always done with cars and motorcycles. The Fanatec McLaren GT3 wheel while being the best GT3 wheel on the market when it comes to design, size and functionality. It suffered from a few flaws, mainly the shifter that becomes mushy after a period of use, and that GOD awful blue display! Making it look like a child's toy rather than a expensive racing equipment. I guess that happens when you market towards console gaming gear.

So after recommending SRM Magnetic shifter upgrade to @Erik Housmans I went about and ordered one for myself. I installed it but to me it need something else, this upgrade is a one-way street you can't go back. Knowing this I modded the original shifter paddle so I could use it on the SRM magnetic shifter modules. Giving it a more mechanical look, the horrid blue display was thrown out and replaced with a white OLED display.

Making this a true ONE1-off design.

My mind is always racing!



  • Looks good! Which brings up a question. Hey Fanatec any plans for a podium version of a "batwing" style GT wheel. I mean the Porsche wheel looks awesome but many of us prefer this style more.

  • Detalis.

    Braided wires.

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