Stolen Box (formula V2) from my shipment?

Placed my order from Canada on April 15th for the DD1 Formula V2 bundle, Pedals V3, Damper & buttons. Finally got my shipping info on July 7th (6 USPS tracking number). I have recieved 5 boxes, but the Formula V2 wheel is missing and the tracking number doesn't show any movement from July 19 at the LOS ANGELES CA INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER.

Will Fanatec express ship a new Formula V2 wheel since I have been waiting since April 15?

I've submitted a contact form, but I'm hoping someone from Fanatec would see this and let me know.


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    2 out of 3 of my packages sat at that location for 33 days before being picked up by USPS and then it was about 15 days after that I finally got them in Canada. Completely disappointing purchasing experience. Creating a unique post with Dominic Brennan in the subject line seems to work for some people to get follow up on shipping inquiries, but the actual customer service team are clowns.

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