How long to ship? “Order Processed”

Hey guys, how long should I expect to wait for a tracking number after getting the “warehouse is preparing your order for shipping” message and my order status changes to “Order Processed”?

The message said I should receive a tracking number soon but it’s been 5 business days since receiving that message and still no change. I placed my order 11 days ago. Not getting any replies from my email inquiries, same as everyone else here.

Thank’s in advance


  • I am having the same issue. Said I should get a tracking number soon, but that was 5 business days ago as well. If things are taking longer than normal, that's ok, but at least let us know what is going on.

  • "5 business days ago......"

    You guys are in for a loooooong ride :)

  • Ok so yesterday I got the email saying my order is being processed and I will get a tracking number to follow. I’m in the uk. I’ve had no tracking number but UPS have messaged saying I have an order due on Monday with the exact amount of packages I’m expecting from fanatec. It might be worth checking your order number with the shipping people where you are!

  • Tired doing that with Fed Ex ground but they require a tracking number for assistance.

  • I recently placed an order for the CS Shifter on 7/26, got the warehouse email on 7/27, then received the order on 7/29. Pretty sure I chose fedex two day as well so everything lined up almost too perfectly, after having read some of the stories on here...

  • Interesting, I don't recall being to choose Shipping method when I checked out. I am in Canada so I expect it to take longer but nothing for so long is extremely unusual for an established company. And others are right to point out, their customer service is pretty much non-existant.

  • Yeah I'm scared. Though I wonder if the fact that I have already gotten the "warehouse processing" message that it might not be as bad as some of the stories on here? Hence my question...

  • with Canada we just got usps shipping to Canada and post Canada handle it after.

  • I wish we could pin an article called "how to order" with some tips here!

    For me, the only email I've ever gotten, is the one from Fanatec saying the order was sent to the warehouse.

    I have a fedex account and I receive updates on shipments to my address from them - each time I've gotten one that said that the warehouse (a 3rd party - not fanatec) had created a shipment - those emails come from fedex and I can't tell if they were initiated by the warehouse or if it was just fedex informing me that a new package for me had entered their system.

    Anyhow in case anyone else considering a new order reads this, here are the tips for ordering from the US fanatec webshop:

    #1 - Only order what is in stock.

    #2 - Pay for two day shipping.

    #3 - if you really want to order something that is out of stock, or coming soon, etc, place a separate order for each piece that is backordered.

  • If I could I would like it sadly I can’t 😢 but that’s true for 1 & 3 where ever you from. And like said before in Canada and I guess other places you just gonna have maybe one carier without any other option for transport. So like a said before where ever you from tips 1 and 3 are good and if lucky add the tips #2

  • Same boat here got the Email on july 22 saying it had been processed and they would send a tracking number. Silence since. Order num 1102747

  • I ordered an in stock wheel and button caps on 7/11. Processing on 7/13. Still no shipping email.

  • Canada as well? That's pretty grim for the rest of us...

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