What exactly does the QR tightening ring do?

I have a Podium DD1, and I am curious of exactly what the QR tightening ring does. Does it simply push the rubber gasket a bit so that it forms a tighter fit against the wheel rim QR mechanism? I am wondering what exactly it's purpose is, since in theory I should need to just pull back on the QR mechanism and pull the wheel off, but then I also have the QR tightening ring that doesn't actually seem to do much other than make removal of the wheel harder. I searched around, but could not find a specific answer to the question, as I know it is quite obscure.


  • To answer your first question...yes. But I think where it differs from its "real world" counterparts is our wheels aren't as sophisticated and robust as say a true F1 QR system. Therefore I believe they installed the rubber ring to help ensure there is no slippage and furthering the possibility of damaging the pins in the wheelbase and/or rim. But I could be wrong. :)


  • it annoys me when is constantly loosening, its that and so much more.

  • Luckily I have not experienced this issue. Though I do not run very high torque settings.

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