Could Fanatec upgrade firmware to support keyboard mappings on Xbox consoles now?

Xbox One enabled support for keyboard and mouse in games a short while back and I noticed that F12020 includes support for keyboards. I'm wondering whether it would now be possible for Fanatec to update their firmware such that Xbox compatible wheelbases/wheels when in Xbox mode could now not only appear as a controller/wheel but also a keyboard, mapping each of the unsupported buttons and dials to key presses. This might in theory allow full functionality in games like F12020 with wheels like the Formula V2.

Thoughts? Does anybody have any knowledge on whether the wheelbases are already capable enough from a hardware point of view that this could be possible?


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    This is controlled by Microsoft and the way they have their protocols programmed. It would be up to them to allow full mapping of controllers.

  • While I understand that that's true for devices appearing as controllers, I'm thinking more along the lines of having the wheelbase/wheel appear as both a controller and a keyboard (effectively acting as a USB hub with two devices in it). The functions that can't be mapped to the controller profile would be mapped to keys on the keyboard, making them available for customization in games that supported keyboards (like F12020).

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