Fanatec where is my order 11/25/2019 you have my money

Hey guys, I ordered on 11/25/219, I have called numbers on website over 30 times, left messages and emailed you 7 times about my order not one frekin response or information sent to me after 6 weeks, your kidding me.

when I ordered on 11/25/2019 it said Porsche wheel was to be ready on 12/16/2019, I get that you, put it out there on your site and I read it, I was cool,   then the wheel was delayed a few and was ready on around 12/21/2019, ok cool again,  my 2 friends received their Porsche wheel on 12/24/2019 and 1 of them ordered 7 days after I did and they got their steering wheel and I didn't, WHATS UP WITH THAT. 

Remember all my items on my order  was in stock except the wheel on 11/25/2019 , What's the hold up, I pay for each piece that sent out, send me my order and not the wheel. what's so hard about shipping, I do that for a living.

 I have not receive 1 single peace of my order as of today 1/7/2020  or 1 time heard from them about it my order.

They masked  email that the McLaren wheel is discontinued that's it, they did refund my money for the wheel again that's it, mask mail to everyone, you can not respond to that email, period. I forgot Fanatec charged my cc for a f1 wheel and I have not heard anything about it.

 Now the Porsche wheel is back ordered again, so what the hell and where is my $2,300.00 being used for fraud, WHERE IS MY ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Are you telling me that I have to wait for the product to be in stock before you ship out my frekin order, when it was in stock and now one of the 5 items that I order is out of stock so your waiting again before 1 of those items get back in stock before another of my other items get back order, COME ON MAN, RUN YOUR BUISNESS CORRECTLY. This is so frustration, inconvenience, taking someone money on line for product and receiving your product is against the law, especially if you have not one time reached out to the customer for delay or not answering any messages sent.  

  You have had my money for 6 weeks or 44 days  and I have not heard from you or your company by email or phone call.................

I have not been able to get on your chat line even to help and I'm sure I can not keep spending money to Germany on phone calls because of your negligence the way you run your business.  

sorry if you think that this is being rude and I'm in the wrong, FANATEC HAS $2,300.00 USD of my money for 44days since 11/25/2019  and I have not heard not 1 thing from them.

That's crazy. Can I borrow money and pay you back when I have it, come on lets get this order out asap.

thank you

Billy Bowerman  


  • have to say that Fanatec is not the best in keeping customers informed, checked the site and saw that it was in stock so I ordered and order is still been processed..,,I like the Fanatec product but the service does match

    I guess the only way to get results is to go on other forums and slam them

  • I feel your pain. I’m in the same boat.

    order in process.

    $4050 au I spent.

    and silence.

  • wow, this is crazy. I guess next steps is necessary then. I would think they would care and be more professional to conduct business .

    When one or two more companies get involved they will worry then. Take care of  your customers now or it will be too late.

    hell, if they want me to answer emails Ill take the job.

  • Their products are pretty good and only had the bad McLaren Wheel that just failed. Most of their stuff is pretty good, actually far superior quality then their support

  • [email protected]

    sent them an email after last post and got a reply saying my item will be dispatched this week so their support has improved

  • Same boat here. Ordered on 12/10. Havent heard a SINGLE WORD from them, my availability date on my order says 12/16/2020 which is definitely concerning. Webshop hasn’t replied to any of my inquiries.

  • I have tryed calling every phone number again last night, stayed up late woke up early and still nothing.

    thats at the times they requested and still NOTHING.

    time to call fraud dept and credit card to get my money back..

    this is such b.s. and poor business

  • It really seems like support has dropped off right after the Porsche Podium Wheel was released. Before that it was slow, but you could at least get a response.

  • Keep it up Fanatec! You're going to lose your US business soon. I thought the google reviews of your business were terrible but then I come to the forum and read so many first person accounts of irritated and displeased customers because a business can't manage expectations between their suppliers, internally, and their customer base. It makes me wonder how many others feel the same way as Billie but just haven't made their voices heard online. Hundreds?

  • You are only reading the bad press as rarely people that have problems come on here saying how great their product was

    And today I received my wheel and am playing with it now ,,,just came here to see if I could get a setup

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