Do orders usually take more than a day to process?

Starting to get frustrated and don't know I ordered at a bad time or not.

I placed an order on a Saturday with 2 day shipping, expecting it would get processed Monday(yesterday), but it wasn't processed. So Tuesday(today) in the morning I canceled the order and placed another one with overnight shipping, but the whole business day passed and not processed. I was under the impression that orders put in by certain time are shipped same day. I was planning to have this by Wednesday as I sold my old pedals and wanted a set of Fanatecs to go with my new CSL base.

Unless I missed something about this week being a holiday week for Fanatec, I am pretty disappointed with the service so far. Website says available to ship that day, and nothing. I even paid extra for next day delivery, but they don't care to send it out that day. What's the point of next day shipping then? Is this normal for Fanatec?


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    Saturday was the weekend. Fanatec would have been closed. In stock orders are usually processed the working day after they are placed. Monday was a Bavarian holiday. If you hadn't cancelled, it would probably have shipped Tuesday. Your second order placed yesterday should be sent today. You've got too used to Amazon logistics. Fanatec are old school. ;-)

  • Ah. the Bavarian holiday must have been it. Much appreciated. I was aware of the weekend thing which is why I said I expected it would process on Monday, which I can give Fanatec a pass. Not sure what happened with Tuesday though, which is when I thought I'd ask around.

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