Podium Hub + CSW 2.5 + Custom Ring: FFB is not working well.

Hi folks,

I’m a happy user of CSW 2.5, and recently I’ve bought Podium Hub to be connected a custom ring (not Fanatec). The fact is I’ve lost the FFB when I was using CSW 2.5 + Fanatec Formula One Carbon + Without Podium Hub. I mean, the feeling is pretty different, when I’m turning into curve it feels very soft, losing how hard was turned without Podium Hub. I’ve tuning some settings from FanaLab, but nothing, it’s like the settings don’t cause any effect.

I’m playing iRacing, and FFB bar is almost in orange/red. I tested with the latest Fanatec drivers and even tested with the beta version. No luck.

Any idea?


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