Fanatec CSL Elite PS4/PC wheel will NOT go into shifter calibration mode after firmware update 630

Hi, my wheel will not go into shifter calibration mode after the firmware updated to 630 for the wheel base. I have no idea why. I try and press the OP button and settings/tuning button simutaniously as required to set up calibration for the Fanatec H shifter, but it will not do anything. Stays stuck at S_1 on the wheel LED display. Extrelemly frustrating and I just want to get thins thing back up and running. and YES it's in H pattern mode and YES it's all connected correctly.

Any help is much appreciated



  • Did you calibrated the center position after firmware update? Because that is necessary to do before you can calibrate the Shifter.

    Also, 630 is quite old, you should try a newer driver (347) and try the included firmware of that driver (should be 662 or so I believe)

  • Yes I first calibrated the center position. And how do I get 347? It says on the property page that the drivers are up to date

  • NEVER look for updates through the driver! The driver just looks if you have the included (or newer) firmwares installed. It does NOT look if there is a newer driver version available online!

    Driver 347 is a beta driver which can be found here in the Forum in the dedicated beta driver section.

  • Ok, so I downloaded and updated to 347, updated the firmware of both the base and motor, calibrated center, but now when I try and calibrate the H shifter, I press OP and the tuning button and it still just pops up on the LED dash "S_1" and not the gear calibration I was expecting.

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