CSL Elite PS4 (+): Loose/Disconnected FFB Feeling

Does anyone else have a loose or nondirect feeling coming from the wheelbase when driving?

Like there's a tiny play between the wheel rim and the motor - And It gets more pronounced with higher FFB values... When FEI is set to +60 there is a continuous humming noise or buzz, a jarring feel, and like it's slightly pulling/pushing to either direction... Also when doing tight slaloms there's a mechanical push/lump whenever i change direction, not only in the center position... That isn't right.

By "mechanical" i mean that it's always there regardless of the game or driven car.

Also when driving over a rumble strip there's definitely more activity in the wheelbase than what's delivered to my hands; there's rumbling and stronger knocks inside the base sure, but just a fraction is brought to the wheel rim because of this looseness; Hence it's pretty much pointless to use higher (Fanatec recommended) FEI values. It's not direct.

I have tried numerous wheel- and motor fw. combinations without any luck.


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    So i found this video and i believe he mentioned similiar issue at 7:05 :

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    It's difficult to get answers from other users... I'm about to send it for inspection, so i want to be sure...

    Do you get direct/tight FFB or does it feel sloppy and loose? e.g rumble strips causing disconnected rumling inside the base*

    I feel like there's enough play to render rumble strips nearly smooth without a crisp output... Also due to this, even road bumps are significantly weak/lazy and can feel more or less delayed - Hence i don't play Assetto Corsa, F1 2019 or PCars2 anymore & stick to GTS with simplified FFB.

    Increasing FEI only makes it worse, rather than giving more detailed FFB details or reactivity.

    Could this be related to firmwares, although i've tried ~10 different ones & beta forum threads for CSL's have been closed for a long time now; so no answers there.

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