CSL Elite PS4 (+): Loose/Disconnected FFB Feeling

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Does anyone else have a loose or nondirect feeling coming from the wheelbase when driving?

Like there's a tiny play between the wheel rim and the motor - And It gets more pronounced with higher FFB values... When FEI is set to +60 there is a continuous humming noise or buzz, a jarring feel, and like it's slightly pulling/pushing to either direction... Also when doing tight slaloms there's a mechanical push/lump whenever i change direction, not only in the center position... That isn't right.

By "mechanical" i mean that it's always there regardless of the game or driven car.

Also when driving over a rumble strip there's definitely more activity in the wheelbase than what's delivered to my hands; there's rumbling and stronger knocks inside the base sure, but just a fraction is brought to the wheel rim because of this looseness; Hence it's pretty much pointless to use higher (Fanatec recommended) FEI values. It's not direct.

I have tried numerous wheel- and motor fw. combinations without any luck.


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    So i found this video and i believe he mentioned similiar issue at 7:05 :

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    It's difficult to get answers from other users... I'm about to send it for inspection, so i want to be sure...

    Do you get direct/tight FFB or does it feel sloppy and loose? e.g rumble strips causing disconnected rumling inside the base*

    I feel like there's enough play to render rumble strips nearly smooth without a crisp output... Also due to this, even road bumps are significantly weak/lazy and can feel more or less delayed - Hence i don't play Assetto Corsa, F1 2019 or PCars2 anymore & stick to GTS with simplified FFB.

    Increasing FEI only makes it worse, rather than giving more detailed FFB details or reactivity.

    Could this be related to firmwares, although i've tried ~10 different ones & beta forum threads for CSL's have been closed for a long time now; so no answers there.

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    Yesterday my unit arrived without any explanations from Fanatec, but after quick testing the issue is still present:

    Here's the continuous jarring feel / buzzing noise it often make in games with more detailed FFB, once FEI is ~70... The more FFB detail there is the worse it gets; it's not direct feedback, just self-aligning torgue and disconnected rumbling:


    Here is another example of the behaviour... You don't even need high FFB -values to simulate this, but FEI was set to 60 for recording purpose - Notice low in-game FFB only 1-1:

    Stronger and faster forces are translated into these hollow snaps/pops that barely have any impact in the steering, due to this it's peak power is very low and steering remain weak: look how right paddle shifter barely moves, although i gently hold the rim.

    Sure lower FEI fixes the noise, but i guarantee that the loose behaviour is there even if it didn't make such noise... (Not a fix, as subtle details are already missing on higher values)


    I find it odd how many are comparing it to a CSW when i can't even feel rumble strips properly; and once again when trying to fix it with recommeneded FEI values, it only cause louder noises and even more disconnected feel from the wheelbase - It's not direct.

    Can't believe how this is acceptable... Anyone else experiencing similiar or is it just me?


  • I have the exact same issue. For me, it have happened over time I feel like. I remember the ffb being much more present and overall "working" the first couple of months I had it. Nowadays I can barely feel anything from the cars in multiple sims.

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    Sorry for late reply... How noisy is it or has it become any noisier during that time? This is my unit on rumble strips using Fanatec recommended settings:

    Increase volume until you can hear positive clicks (max volume on my phone)... In-game 75%/0%/0% - Stock/DRI0/FEI70

    All this noise is lost FFB -detail - It has significant deadzone and it literally feels like there's a loose part hitting another... Steering is also very weak and noninformative.

    I've heard from various sources that the noise isn't normal; so i'm really hoping them to sort it out this time... But if history repeats itself...

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    Did you send it again ? and if yes has it fixed the issue ?

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    Yes, and no - unfortunately this is something they're not willing to take care of, nor admit.

    I mean this is already my 2nd compromised CSL Elite base behaving like that...

    My 3rd base from 2018, on FEI 0:

    I have discussed with Dom_Fanatec who clearly hinted that it's possible for a CSL Elite to clack like that on every FEI -values... But that's just false!

    And here's the textbook answer they can give without even looking into the case:

    "The CSL Elite wheel base mechanism is designed to run freely, and this is at the expense of some mechanical noise. If this mechanism is made too 'tight', then it results in other unwanted characteristics."


    They sure screwed me over big time - 900€ wasted in 2 years:

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