DD1 OLED Dead on Arrival


How do I get support for my DD1? The OLED doesn't turn on and never has! As per the manual it says DD1 damaged. I've updated to most recent firmware included in v352 beta.

I've checked the wheel and seems to be working. I can use Tuning Menu, Segment Display Test and FFB test work.

Any suggestions?




  • Contact the support.

  • Hi Maurice,

    Am I missing something here or the only available support option is the web form or phone number which is manned 2-4 pm german time?

    I've sent a support request but no reply yet!



  • You don't miss anything, those are the only options to get support.

    As support is busy it might take some days until you get an answer.

  • All resolved by excellent and very helpful customer service!

  • hi saurabh, ive had my dd1 a week and today the screen has gone blank. is there a fix or did they replace?

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