switching clutch - throttle (also potentiometer?)


new to my fanatec csl elite pedal set + load cell (basically for F1 only)

I switched the clutch and the throttle and it works just fine, more feeling in it (so the gas pedal i dont use anymore and cluch is my gas pedal, the spring in it gives me more feedback)

Now the question is, do i also have to switch the potentiometer from throttle and clutch, are they the same or could it give me some more improvement?

Thanks in advance,



  • From my experience, they are not the same. My throttle potentiometer isn't fluid at all. It has areas where it drops out and I lose acceleration. I tried swapping it out with the one on the clutch but it is not compatible. The throttle stays "on" in the wide open position. And as you probably know, they are labeled respective to their use. So as long as your potentiometer is working fine, don't switch them out.


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