No Min/Max option on pedals

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I have both CSR Elite and CSP v1 pedals both on latest driver but neither have the option to set Min or Max in the Fanatec driver page !!

I have tried connecting directly to the CSWv2 base and directly to my PC but neither give me the option that i see on YT videos and other people's screenshots of their driver page . Why did Fanatec make different options for different pedals ? The v1 pedals are very similar to the v2 and v3 pedals yet Fanatec seem to artificially limit what the v1 and Elite pedals are able to do :(

Here is a screenshot of my driver page for reference .


  • The v1 uses completely different electronics which are dated over 10 years sok of course there can be limitations of what's possible, has nothing to do with artifical limiting.

  • ok thanks for the confirmation and sorry for my mistake .

    Can you please help me find the manual for the CSP v1 pedals ? That would be very appreciated :) I need to know if it is better to connect via USB directly to PC or through the base (CSWv2) for highest resolution compared to CSR Elite ?

    Thank You .

  • There is no manual for the CSP v1, only a Quick Guide for the CSR Elite Pedals which you can find in the download part of the webshop page under discontinued products..

    Resolution however should be the same 8 bit no magger how you connect the pedals.

  • Thanks, last questions, that 8 bit resolution is when connecting via the base or via USB? And is it the same for both v1 and Elite pedals?

  • Both, therefore I said it doesnt matter how you connect them, they will have that low resolution both ways. ^^

    Its just old tech in those pedals which couldnt offer more resolution at the time of their release.

  • I remember the Elites to have 10 bit and it says that in reviews from back in 2011 but do the v1 have the same? The have hall sensor instead of pot for throttle and clutch compared to Elites but was the res different between both. I guess as you said the same so 10 bit for both when using USB and 8 via base.

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