CSL Elite F1 set on PS4 - display gear

First of all, sorry if similar thread is already open. I couldnt find anything helpfull.

Tha question stands - is it possible to change information displayed on club sport wheel F1 (csl elite f1 set for ps4). By default, on ps4 speed is displayed, but I would like to see gear (for F1, Asseto Corsa). Wheel is used on ps4, not PC. I downloaded latest driver (v328) and updated firmware.

Thanks in advance.


  • No, that's not possible on console. You have to live with what the game developer has implemented.

  • Thanks.

    was hoping for different outcome, although I googled something like that. Bigger disappointment is lacking support for encoder buttons.

    Next investment will be decent PC.

    Thank you for info.

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