CSW v2.5 Cuts out

Hello there

I used to be really happy with my CSW v2.5, I'm an avid endurancer racer, the average race for me is around 2 hours.

But over the last couple of months my Wheel and Base completely cut out, i lose all force feed back and it just becomes a 90's arcade racing wheel. I have checked all the drivers and they're all up to date, the power saving options and to no avail, i can usually do about 30 to 40 minutes of racing before it just completely cuts out...

I feel it's also note-worthy, this CSW isn't even a year old yet...

am not a happy camper about this... if there's any advice or help anyone can provide please post it, we are all Sim racer's after all.

Thanks guys


  • Your description is not completely clear (although you'll need to contact Support anyway for an RMA, I'm pretty sure), does only the FFB cut out, or does the wheel base lose power (and hence connection)?

    In case the former: do the cooling fans work properly?

    In case the latter: does it happen when you turn to wheel into or beyond a certain position/angle?

    When the cut-out has happened, can you just start up the wheel base again?

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Moving thread to Wheel Bases section.

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