Not reaching full throttle

Before and after firmware update on f1 2019 car will very rarely need to go to 8th gear so cars pull away on straight . Rev counter does not even show in 8th gear on the club f1 esport wheel.

calibration on game and on pc fanatac download software shows full throttle. All my times are slower.

any help welcome . I have the csl elite f1 set with added load cell on ps4.


  • Hi Christopher,

    If you are sure the throttle retains 100% input in the driver, then perhaps the brake is dragging slightly, either with your foot resting on the pedal, or the pedal itself giving slight inputs due to not enough deadzone at the bottom of the travel/load cell sensitivity.

    If the throttle is at 100% in the driver and the brake is definitely not dragging, then perhaps it is a unique issue to F1 2019.

  • Thanks for reply, no its not an issue with f1 2019 been playing this with thrustmaster since it came out. And have checked the brake, not that. When i get to 7th gear its so slow that I may not get to eighth gear on a long straight and cars just pass me. To give you some Idea how slow, I was in the top 20 world lap times on quite a few tracks, now i,m in the 10 thousands. Have heard of problems with potentiometer, and it doesn,t help contacting fanatec and then having to wait for response. All that money and i,m thinking of dumping it back in box..

    Thanks again


  • Looking at your info also not a problem with the Fanatec pedals because it shows full throttle in driver and in game. If you have problems with potentiometers you would see that in the driver, that the bar is not reaching 100% and you would see al lot of fluctuations in the driver for the throttle. I have had potentiemeter problems and that would be very noticeable also in the driver. You would also probably have problems with 0% throttle that it still registers some throttle with a lot of fluctuations without even pressing the throttle.

    I would also say a problem in F1 2019 in your settings in game. That it worked with Thrustmaster wheel doesn’t say you have the correct setup for your Fanatec wheel. I would create a new profile based on default Fanatec wheel in game start from there.

  • Hello

    I have also calibrated in game.

    How would you explain an f1 car on a straight going a max 185mph instead of the usual 210mph and not even rev lights showing..I can actually hear revs drop when I do get into 8th gear. And 7th slow to get to 8th.

    I did try setting my game settings to default then updating, (even turned off ps4 before resetting),,no luck..

    In game I have all throttle setting settings set to zero, Linearity,saturation etc. and calibration here shows full throttle..

    My only other concern is the CSL ELITE F1 SET was supplied with pedals [no clutch) and I bought the load cell brake kit add on, So i,m wondering about firmware update Fanatec advised me on. Did the loadcell update affect the accelerator?.

    I,ve had the system 10 days now and not had 1 race .. will pack away soon if no luck and ge back t300rs.


  • I know this may be an obvious question, but did you switch out the modules on the pedals?


  • Yep did that ,but i am thinking of switching modules back just to see how the throttle behaves.

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