Buy Fanatec Forza bundle now or wait?

Hi chaps,

Having recently sold my CSL Elite wheel, pedals and all I am looking for a replacement. I can be pretty sure DD is out of the question; I'd need a whole new bundle and DD would swallow my budget alone.

This leaves me with the Club Sport V2.5 Forza bundle at 1500 euro. My question is do you think I should wait to see if a V3 wheelbase comes out (possibly with DD anyway) or just get the V2.5 bundle now and enjoy it as it is for another 2 or 3 years?


  • Just get it now, a v3 is not confirmed and not even talked about and definitely won't come anytime soon, if at all.

  • That's good enough for me. I've only been without for two days and I miss driving/racing!


  • I'd save longer and buy a DD. The DD market is growing and the difference between DD and belt drive is a big one. There are new players entering the DD market all the time if you find Fanatec DD's a bit rich.

  • I bought the Forza bundle in the end.

    Got it all installed in my Trak Racer RS8 MK4 last night without issues. Just working out which driver and settings to use now. I’m mostly using Assetto Corsa.

    DD can come in another couple of years!

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