Podium racing wheel direct wheel F1 PS4


I have just purchased this Product together with Clubsport Pedals V3 and Clubsport steering wheel BMW GT2

Im starting to read what firmware should I download for each product. Can you pls advise.



  • Psql DPsql D Member
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    I would use the v346 driver. This driver will include the correct firmware for all your devices.


  • Hi Pasqual

    Thanks your reply.

    I should receive the items early next week. Do you have the same items as well. This will be my new hobby and keen to learn all about sim racing.

    Did you have any issues?

  • Hello everyone

    pls advise as to where do I find the link to download v346 driver. I’m very new to this and reading other people’s problems, I’m getting very worried about what to download.

  • Hi everyone

    found the link. All good now.

    really hope that I don’t have any problems with the new gear that I have purchased otherwise I will be very unhappy.

    will let you know how it works out.

    would appreciate any more advices pls.

  • A bit of advise....when you first get your equipment, check to see which driver/firmware is already installed. You may not have to change anything.

    Congrats on your purchase.


  • Hi Keith

    thanks your reply, just one question pls, what software do I need to download onto my normal PC to check the current driver/firmware installed on my new equipment. There seems to be lots of problems everywhere.

    Im only going to use sim racing games from the PS4 console, not anything from the PC as I don’t own a Gaming PC unit yet.

    appreciate your help on this matter pls.


  • Hi Keith

    disregard the message as I have managed to work it out.


  • Hi Keith

    I have downloaded all the latest firmware updates onto my PC. When I hook my new equipment , do I have the option to select the various firmware software installed on my PC to upload to the the equipment . If not , how do I remove all the updates and start over again and just upload v 346

    Hope you can assist or maybe someone else can


  • You can't delete it from the wheelbase or rim. First you should delete any and all Fanatec software (not including Fanalab if you are using it) from your PC. Restart your computer and then download the driver/firmware package you want to install. Follow every prompt on the screen. DO NOT SKIP OR MISS ANY STEPS. This is critical. The firmware/driver will either ask you if you want to upgrade if it's a newer version or ask you if you are sure you want to go back to a previous version. If you follow all of the steps along the way, you will be golden.

    Good luck and let us know if you need any more assistance.



  • Hi Keith

    Thanks your reply and really appreciate your help and advice. I have now received all the equipment including the Fanatec clubsport pedals v3 and the brake performance kit. I now also have the Next Level Racing GTtrack PlayStation edition cockpit , plus the clubsport special edition 2019 (Red) SQ Shifter.

    The podium direct drive wheel is unbelievable. There is so much to learn and I’m not going to rush it.

    Lots to do.

    I did remove all the previous Fanatec software from the PC and I like Fanalab very much so I only have on my PC v346. The BMW steering wheel is awesome too.

    So where are you based, I live in Australia, Newcastle.

  • Keith

    Fanalab is asking to install v352 or higher to operate Fanalab on my PC, what are your thoughts on this as a previous guy has advised to install v346 .

  • Psql DPsql D Member
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    Install Fanalab v1.12 for v346 drivers.

    Or if you want to gamble and potentially brick you Podium base install the latest v356 drivers + Fanalab v1.23. But currently not a real stable driver and firmware. So if not needed because you don't have a Podium Button Module Endurance. I would wait for a new driver that will be coming in the next x days/weeks and for now use the v346 that is a lot more stable.

  • Hi Pasqual

    Thanks your response, there’s so much for me to learn and I just want to get the basics to start sim racing.

    I don’t want my new podium not to work because of firmware issues. I going to start with GT Gran Turismo first and try some dirt rally as well.

    I will upload v346. Regarding the wheel ie BMW GT2, how does that get updated?

  • Hi Pasqual

    I have uploaded v346 firmware and now no steering wheel will work and the lights don't come up either and also the BMW wheel wont work

    What should i do now

  • Help help help pls anyone

    I have uploaded v346 firmware and now F1 steering wheel will NOT work and the lights don't come up either and also the BMW wheel wont work

    What should I do now


  • Hi everyone

    This is what is showing after uploading v346

  • Hi Everyone

    One thing I have noticed when turning the DD Podium on . the fan at the back of the DD is very loud. Is this normal ?????

  • Hi everyone

    according to the manual, if the steering wheel does not come up on the software update, there could be a problem with the DD1 and I have now sent a request direct to Fanatec support seeking advice and whether a replacement DD1 F1 is possible. I’m located in Australia.

    will let you know the outcome.

  • I am having the exact same issue... Very frustrating to wait so long for the wheel to arrive and it not work.

    Fan is incredibly loud and the wheel is not being registered by the base. If anyone here has advice to fix that would be excellent.

  • Hi Charlie

    You will need to send the items back to Fanatec for repairs. Go to the web site, make a request in customer support. Fanatec will look after you. Send all items back.

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