Fanatec Beta Driver V361 for CSL, CSW and Podium Bases (all wheels) Download currently disabled.

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Download removed because a user can't update his steering wheels anymore, we need to investigate this first and don't want that more people are having this issue.

Change-log since the last public beta release 356:

Please read before commenting.

Driver 361 improvements:

  • Download now features a new "Driver and Firmware Instructions" PDF. Those instructions do not replace the full manuals but they cover the driver and firmware and also feature a troubleshooting section at the end.
  • Improved detection of the BME, should not display FW version 0 or prompt unnecessary updates.
  • Improved UHX+BME detection so it isn't shown as a PHUB anymore from time to time.
  • Fixed issue that Tuning Menu parameters (SEN, FEI, FOR, SPR, DPR, ABS and SHO) in Tuning Menu Tab do not display the correct value if PDD is in COMP V2.5 mode.
  • Fixed issue in the Mouse Tab that mouse settings are enabled even if the Emulate Mouse checkbox is unchecked.
  • Fixed driver UI sometimes showing totally blank
  • Changed the minimum value of (FF, NDP, NFR, FOR, SPR and DPR) from 0 to OFF in the Tuning Menu Tab to match with the steering wheel tuning menu.
  • Added PBME default mouse settings values when Default button is clicked in Mouse Settings Tab.

Firmware improvements in general:

  • Tuning Menu Setting ABS changed the name to BLI (Brake Level Indicator). The reason is the ABS tuning menu setting never worked as real ABS and now having a real ABS setting in FanaLab causes confusion. The functionality of ABS didn't change, it is still triggering vibration when your braking input exceeds the set value.
  • The now called BLI (former ABS) tuning menu setting now also works when FanaLab or any game supports Vibration features which previously automatically disabled the ABS/BLI function. This also affected the feature on PS4, for example in GT Sport, which is solved now.
  • The minimum value of BLI (former ABS) tuning menu setting is now 1 instead of 0 to prevent constant vibration.
  • DPAD-Push of RMcL is now A on Xbox (before: nothing)
  • Fixed problem with Mappable Axis Mode on PS4

BME improvements:

  • Joystick axis up/down not inverted anymore.
  • Improved Joystick sensitivity.
  • Improved bus communication between BME and HUB to solve multiple issues:
    • ITM showing weird values while shifting quickly should appear less often.
    • Fixed FM7 on Xbox preventing tuning menu to work properly.
    • Fixed FM7 on Xbox preventing the guide button to work properly.
    • Fixed FM7 on Xbox preventing to shift properly.
  • Fixed DPAD-Push and RSB (toggled Button_24) of RUHX+PBME in PC Mode
  • Fixed APM Mode Mappable Axes on PS4 Mode of PHUB/RUHX + PBME
  • Fixed button mapping and button combination issue not working as mentioned in the quick guide.
  • Fixed mouse emulation working inconsistently.
  • BME not longer sending FunkySwitch button inputs to the Xbox while tuning menu is active.
  • Improved BME detection.

PDD improvements:

  • ITM not longer shows artifacts on page change.
  • Improved FFB feel whel display is showing a graph of the FFB analysis screens.
  • ITM/Legacy page now also accessible from the analysis and info screens. Previously the button combination did work only on the default screen.
  • Fixed SEN not working properly on XBOX since the max angle 2520 was introduced.

CSL E and CSW improvements:

  • Fixed CSW Drift mode acting like -5 on all settings
  • Fixed CSL E Drift mode overreacting on values above 2

Formula V2 improvements:

  • Font got changed to a 7-segment design which makes it possible to show significantly more types of information as the more round font was very limited to just numbers 0-9, N and R.

Known Issues:

Driver known issues:

  • CSL wheel base detected in the driver with FW v1 which prompts a firmware update. Saying no to the pop-up message and switching to a different page and back to the function test page will then show the correct version. Then no firmware update is prompted anymore.
  • When mouse emulation is enabled and the rotary encoder is used as the mouse wheel, gear 2 and 3 of the ClubSport shifter are not registered anymore.
  • Some users have issues installing steering wheel firmware.

BME known issues:

  • Still only ITM page 1 available until freezing issues of page 2-5 are solved. More ITM related topics will be covered in the upcoming FanaLab thread.
  • Turning the FunkySwitch Encoder fast results in missing inputs, especially on Xbox.
  • Still no support for CSW or CSL bases. We need to fix some remaining issues first before we can add first CSW and then CSL support afterwards.
  • BME has a bug when calibrating the center and shifter after flashing the DD base firmware. Workaround is to use the buttons in the driver, a different wheel or unplug and re-plug the USB-C of the BME when it gets stuck between both calibrations.
  • MPS position is not send before one of them got turned once after when attaching the wheel.

DD known issues:

  • Jolts might still happen, still under investigation, if you experience them, contact me directly and describe it as well as possible. When it's happening, where, what it's influencing, which games and so on.
  • I've read some having random wheel base or steering wheel freezes with 356 and the firmware it contained. We are starting to investigate this and need as detailed information as possible. To prevent me missing anything contact me directly and let me know: When and where does it happen? Specific situations? What is the exact result, which function is not working anymore and which things are still working after it happens?
  • The motor still does a knock sound when turning off the base. This is under investigation and it does no harm to your DD, it's just a small peak of current.
  • Some ITM values sometimes still show incorrect values, more news about ITM in the upcoming FanaLab thread.

ClubSport Universal Hub issues:

  • Only X and B buttons work the rest is not send.

How to report issues:

If you report a driver or firmware issue, please make cross checks:

0. Update driver and FW separately to isolate an issue. Most likely it will be driver OR firmware.

1. Which driver OR firmware does show the issue

2. Which driver OR firmware does not show the issue

3. Check if you can reproduce the issue again if you go back to the version which seems to have cause the issue

4. Post the answers gathered from the questions above + a short description of the issue including the following information:

Wheel Base Model (product ID): ....

Steering Wheel Model (product ID): ....

Driver Version: ....

Base FW Version: ....

Wheel FW Version: ....

FanaLab Version: ...

Download : (Only download if you've read everything above, especially the known issues!)

Download removed because a user can't update his steering wheels anymore, we need to investigate this first and don't want that more people are having this issue.



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