CSP V3 owners: Betatesters wanted for Brake Performance Kit



  • I'd like to test the brake performance kit. Just purchased a v3 and i own csw v2 csq shifter and BMW wheel
  • just got the CSP V3, would be willing to beta test the new stuff.

    Thank you.

  • I ordered my v3 pedals back in September and they're due to ship soon. I have also added the v3 damper kit to this order but my question is, does this new product replace the damper kit?

    If yes, is it possible to get an upgrade please?


  • Hi

    I ordered my CSP V3 last week!  

    HEY  I'm in to test it!

    Please give me the opportunity to contribute. I'm sure this Performance Kit will be fantastic.


  • Hi

    I can test it with my news V3's. My shipping adress is updated.

    Thanks you for the opportunity

    David R.
  • Hi,

    Now I live in Shizuoka prefecture of Japan.

    I have CSP V3 and installed damper kit in gas pedal.
    I don't use damper kit in brake pedal because I don't like damper feeling which attached brake pedal.

    So, I'd like to try new material performance kit.

    Best regards,

  • fresh for a test and if you send it together with my new pedals you saves the shipping ;)

  • I'd be willing to test. I've been loving the pedals the past couple of months
  • I would love to test the brake performance kit with my v3 pedals.
  • I'd be happy to test this, I've been using my V3's for several months and have enjoyed them.  They are a nice improvement from the V1s I had previously.  I'd be very interested to see what this kit could do to enhance the brake and contrast it with the standard performance of the pedal.  I've been using Fanatec pedals since I got my V1's in 2010, so I think I'd be able to give some good feedback.

  • I would also love to test the new performance kit, Hoping for a more direct/positive feel.
          I have my real-world car setup with a very firm brake pedal by using a larger master cylinder,  hopefully this will make a similar improvement in braking modulation
  • I would linke to Test it
  • Color blind people think both cylinders in the performance kit are the same colour.

  • I would like to Test this kit too.
  • Ich würde auch diese auch gerne Testen, oder für einen kleine Obolus erwerben. Ich habe mein V3 bzw. den Schaum mit Diff. Fett geschmiert. Der wird sich sicher bald auflösen.
  • Just received my V3 pedals, And would like to test this kit
  • I've just upgraded to the CSP v3 and would definitely like to be able to test this upgrade and provide feedback on it's performance and overall experience improvement to the CSP v3
  • Hallo Fanatec,

    ich würde den neuen Brake Mod gerne testen. V3 Pedale mit dem aktuellen Dämpfer Kit ist vorhanden, ebenso wie alle gängigen Rennsimualtionen auf diversen Plattformen.

    Viele Grüße
    Sebastian Schweiger
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    Hello Thomas,

    clear, i would be very happy to test it!.

  • I would be willing to test your brake performance kit.

    I'm new to sim racing and have bought the CSP V3 as my first ever pedals.
  • Hello Peter from Australia

    I have CSW v2 base
    V3 pedals with 2 standard dampers
    Cs sq shifter
    Cs hand brake
    Xbox forza hub
    BMW rim
    F1 rim

    Would love to test can provide feedback including vs the standard dampers
  • Hi All,

    I want to test it too, i have the V3 pedals and damper.

  • Hi Thomas, ich nehme auch gerne am Test teil. Erfahrungen habe ich mit den ClubSport Pedals V1 und V2 sowie mit den Heusinkveld Pro und Ultimate. Die CSP V3 sind dann hoffentlich morgen spätestens am Montag bei mir.

    Beste Grüße
  • Ich würde auch sehr gerne teilnehmen. 

    Beste Grüße Oliver
  • Hi Thomas, würde mich auch bereit erklären das Break Performance Kit zu testen.

    Gruß Sascha
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    I would love to assist Fanatec with the Beta-testing and overall development of the CSP V3 Brake Performance Kit

    I feel the CSP V3 BPK (Brake Performance Kit) may make a substantial difference, and improvement, to the CSP V3's braking.

    I feel some aspects of the CSP V3 brake are actual inferior to the CSP V2.  Yes, you have a loadcell in the CSP V3 which is capable of much higher amounts of force (use manual calibration in the Fanatec control panel since the auto calibration, at it's highest loadcell strength setting, is still generally weak especially if you wear shoes --- this may have changed thanks to CSP V3 firmware 1v22) but until you get to the loadcell "wall" (where there is hardly, if not any, movement - just pressure) the CSP V3 is quite weak even with the brake's hand-dial set to max.

    Until you get to the loadcell "wall", the following issues exist with the CSP V3 (my opinion, of course):
    A. not even close to enough pressure
    B. un-positive feel, with hardly any progressive resistance, with only satisfactory controllability
    C. no ability to adjust pedal travel distance (this is personal preference but there should be a pedal travel adjustment - not just stiffnes/force adjustment - like there is with the CSP V2)

    I have received the CSP V3 Damper Kit but haven't installed it yet.  Hopefully it allows more force on the way to the "wall" (issue "A"), and a better feel and increase of force build-up on the way to the "wall" (issue "B").  I don't believe it's capable of affecting Issue "C" (it would be nice if I could have a bit less pedal-travel before hitting the "wall" especially if I can't get the stiffness and overall feel on the way to the "wall" to my liking like is possible through spring, spring pre-load, and damper combinations/adjustments with the CSP V2).

    Again, I would love to help Fanatec with beta-testing the BPK.

    Thank you,
  • Hi Thomas,

    Have v3's definitely interested in testing!
    Would be great!
  • Ich möchte mich ebenfalls als Tester zur Verfügung stellen!
  • Hi Team, I would like to try this new product and to give my opinion, I play different sims: iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Live for Speed, rFactor 2, ...

    A greeting
  • More than happy to help if you're still looking cheers Geoff
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