Csl elite clicking

I’m almost positive I have a loose belt... unit it one year old and it only does the clicking/ belt slipping noise when turning left... anyone have any tips on how to fix?


  • Make a video of the problem and contact Fanatec support if the wheel is still under warranty.

  • Just ran out of warranty..

  • Still contact them they may offer you to fix it for a fee.

    If not remove the top cover and see from exactly where the noise comes from. Be careful with the wires for the fan and diodes.

    Is there a noise when the power is off or only when the wheel is on and there is FFB?

    If the latter, turn on the wheel without connecting it to PC or PS4, there must be strong self-centering force and look for where the noise is coming from.

    And make a video.

  • Only when powered on

  • When the wheel base was new did it make that noise or come up recently?

  • Just started

  • It only clicks/ pops under load...

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