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  • Yes the V3 are compatible with GT6. Have you also updated the V3 pedals separately ? You can do so by connecting the USB from pedals to a pc, disconnect it from the base, just to be sure. Start the Fanatec program on your pc and click update. Run the update, calibrate the pedals once more and try again if they work with GT6.
  • Thomas, any update on a PS4 compatible rim?  Polyphony Digital is unveiling GT Sport today and I want to be able to use my CSW V2 to play it when it releases.  They also may be releasing a beta.
  • Thomas and'd better have a PS rim ready by November...cause I can't wait to give you my money for it !!!! :smiley:
  • yes Thomas I'm Ready to pre Order... I don't care about the wait time as long as i know the Rim will be available for GT6 launch
  • This is going to be a good year... things are heating up for sim racing...hmmm...Rumor has it and there are Pics!!! on ISR that Look to be a DD wheel about to come out for TM... I'm Going to start saving $$$ Now because i know that the Fanatec answer while it may be a little later than some would like I'm sure it will be a Superior Solution and well worth any extra wait time.... I'm going to start saving Now!!!
  • Wow - just watched the GT Sport trailer and immediately headed here to see if there were any early compatibility discussions.  Here's to hoping we hear about support for either the existing wheel adapters, or a new PS4 adapter in time for November!! :) 

  • @Grimey it still is a I don't even bother :)) ;)
  • Im Saving Now so i can Be Ready on the spot!!! If??? or when the word is given!!!
  • Hey there looks like a current bundle on the XB1/Forza wheel/rim/hub/pedal/shifter but when I add it to cart, the discount vanishes.

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    hello .. anyone know of some rumors regarding the license with sony ? I and my friends are very interested in buying the csw v2 and expect full compatibility , let me know ?
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    The CSW v2 is fully compatible. It's just that Fanatec isn't allowed to advertise compatibility anymore, and can only advertise it with a fully-licensed PS4 wheel when they have signed a license agreement.
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    Everything currently works on PS4 however if you are awaiting news on a PS4 branded wheel than no sorry. Maybe E3 ? Especially now that GT Sport is due in November.
  • I hope That the ps4 flying out as fast as possible .. there a timetable ?
  •'ll see it announced when it's almost ready for sale over here.

    Like Remco said...the V2 and every current wheel work on PS4, but you'll need the controller to navigate in PS dashboard.

  • thanks :-) so I can buy csw base 2 with any rim . so I understand
  • Yup..I use V2 with X1 hub and CSL P1 wheel on ps4 and X1 A friend of mine V1 with BMW rim on ps4
  • I still have an PS4 and XB1 but for me these consoles along with the policies of Sony and Microsoft are dead! This behaviour together with hardware that sucks in comparison to a PC, not enabling triple screen setups or usefuel (high resolution) VR, endless long loading times etc.
  • Hi, 
    I am new to sim-racing and enjoying Dirt on PS4 and i noticed it supports fanatec.
    What wheel package would suit my needs as i want to purchase the handbrake as well.
    I also enjoy iracing on pc so would need something to satisfy both.
    Thanks in advance.
  • Tony Gafa said:
    I am new to sim-racing and enjoying Dirt on PS4 and i noticed it supports fanatec.
    What wheel package would suit my needs as i want to purchase the handbrake as well.
    I also enjoy iracing on pc so would need something to satisfy both.
    Thanks in advance.
    IMO the BMW is a great value.,
  • I agree.
    Or you might as well get the Universal Hub and attach the wheel you want
  • I have noticed that the Universal Hub EU (PC/PlayStation) Version is no longer available to purchase  on the product page, I recently bought one (month ago) And didnt get a chance to download the PDF manual, 
    Would it be possible for someone to please upload it here,
  • Wow, I had not noticed that ! Too bad !
    Fortunately for me I had just purchased mine 2 weeks ago...

    For the manual, there you are, mate
  • To get a manual go to downloads, discontinued products. Then select product needed
  • The normal Uni Hub is gone. Because the X1 uni hub is the same, only added some button caps and a X1 chip. I'd go for the BMW rim. I bought a hub because at that time it was the only option available for X1. Still don't like it and buy a BMW X1 look a like rim in a blink if it's ever is gonna be made. I had one and sold it... :$ never should've done that!!
  • Most important thing of course is that when GT Sport comes, Fanatec wheels has to work with it. I guess Fanatec knows that as well, it would be huge financial loss for them if there isn't GT-support.
  • This topic didn't come out of the blue Rami. My guess is, they'll have something ready when GT Sport hits the shelves.
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    Hi Ladies & Gents,

    This is gonna be a bit of a long post. Hopefully you'll read on.

    I'm new to Fanatec. I'm currently a G29 user (former 25 & 27).  I currently run a racing rig on PS3. I'm not an Xbox fan and haven't upgraded to PS4 because I've spent tons on games and equipment for PS3.  90% of my gaming is on Racing sims and I currently own the following titles:

    All Dirts
    F1 2010 to current
    All Grids
    All WRC's
    GT 5 & 6
    Test Drive: Ferrari...
    A few N4S (not worth mentioning IMO)
    Probably a few other titles I'm forgetting

    My real love is rallying with a bit of drifting etc from the Grid games.

    As mentioned I'm now a G29 user but I'm not as happy as I thought I'd be with it. So I've decided to give Fanatec a go (hadn't in the past because of the obvious cost involved!! :-) ).

    I wasn't aware of all this Sony compatibility thingy going on but have done a bit of reading and think I need the following gear for my PS3 setup:

    Product Name                                                            Model
    ClubSport Wheel Base V2 Servo AU                        CSW B V2 AU
    ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub AU        CSW RUH                    For Rallying & all games except F1
    ClubSport Wheel Rim Drift AU                                 UH RDRIFT                  For Rallying & all games except F1
    ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula Carbon AU    CSW RFORM CAR       For F1 games
    ClubSport Pedals V3 AUS                                          CSP V3
    ClubSport Handbrake AU                                          CS HB

    You'll notice I haven't put a shifter in there as I'm used to using the paddles.

    Is the above gear correct for a PS3 setup (especially the hand brake)? Will it all work for all games that currently work with a G27/29 wheel?

    It's going to cost me $2500 so I want to make sure I'm not buying the wrong stuff, obviously.

    If it's all good, will it work with a ps4 if I ever upgrade?

    Or are there rumours that Fanatec are bringing something else out and I should wait? Or is that just for PS4 which I don't really care about atm?

    Anything else I've missed would be appreciated.

    Muzza<!--[if gte mso 9]> <w:LsdException Locked="false" SemiH
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