Customer service?

this company makes it hard to throw money at them.

i have a feeling you are having, what i call, the only chinese restaurant in town syndrome. where you have basicly the best product in the range and you know it. you can be utterly horrible to customers and know that they will come to you for the product no matter what.

and this results in what i feel is utterly horrible customer service.

you have a website that allows for credit cards but when i want to pay with one it keeps coming up with "can't process this request"

you have contact forms that feel like i am shouting down a well with no apparent use.

and lastly you have a sales / techsupport / customer service number that is only accesible for 2 hours daily, which i called today and NOBODY ANSWERD.

remember, these products you sell are expensive, i want a set that is nearly a months wages and i feel like you don't even take the customer seriously.

granted these are odd times with the virus hopping about and making life difficult for everybody but i have found internet posts about this sort of behavior from 2012.

posts in this same forum stating that people didn't get their tracking data and are in the dark if the money the forked over didn't just end up on a heap somewhere.

this is a direct quote from the "about us" bit:

Support: Customer satisfaction is not only our support team’s highest priority, but ranks among the highest within our entire organization as well. We not only see solving any questions which may arise with regard to our complex products as our obligation but as a chance for us to effectively improve in accordance with the wishes of our customers.

I have not handed over a SINGLE CENT and i am allready frustrated with the company, if this carries over to the product i am not sure this will go well.

i hope you can prove me wrong with this as i really like the wheels.

kind regards.


  • I'll be honest, I love my Fanatec gear, and have been lucky (I guess) that I have never had any major problems with any of it.

    That being said, I am not likely to support buying stuff made in China from this point on. I was wanting to get a new pedal set (my Clubsport Pedals V2 are still going strong, but it would be nice to have a better set), but will have to look around to see where it's made. I just cannot support a business that has a country that lied about the coronavirus making their stuff.

  • Right on brother Woods. I sent these people emails asking if they were still open for business and never got a reply. If I ran a business I'd actually want to make money. That means timely and accurate responses to questions as well as product support. So far, without spending a red cent I'm completely mystified by this companies actions and lack there of. I'm also not a fan of the CCP.

  • I been trying to purchase since yesterday and I'm not able to, I try to call on the time they said they are open and nothing, I sent many emails with no response.

  • i have had an email back by now regarding the whole creditcard issue, and surprise, they don't know why it doesn't work for me and i should use paypal. i don't want to use paypal. i have had websites glitch out on me and i lost money. sure you can get it back but it's a lot of hassle i don't want. having the money this gear cost blip away in a glitch is also frustrating to say the least. so, no i do not want to use paypal. i wanted to use a credit card as your site makes clear you accept.

    let me make it clear, my issue is not with the fact that the gear is made in china, or the fact the credit card works or not. it is the absolute black hole that is customer relations.

    by now i have gone another route to realising my sim wishes, the money is spent. maybe in the future i will look at fanatec again but for now i am done.

  • I guess si should feel lucky that I'm getting responses, although they tend to be every 2-3 days, which is making the process of returning an item very frustrating.

    As the OP said, I think they know they have the best product at this price point so aren't that bothered. I'm just gonna have to save up and get a wheel from elsewhere.

  • Yup, they gotta fix what's going on or just shutdown until they can perform.

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