FFB DD 100% base or game?

Hi all,

really like to clear something as i really dont know whats the correct way.

On the DD base (dd1 for me personal), whats the best way to have your ffb strength.

Should you always use 100% at the base and adjust the in-game gain or vice versa, 100% in-game and adjust at base.

It seems logical that you want all the forces that the base can throw at you and you set it to a desired strength with the in-game slider so your base won't limit all the forces, but thats where i'm thinking about losing ffb signal/details because of lower values from the game (feels like your going to software clip)

Other way of thinking is in-game at 100% so the game put every detail/signal out to the base that is possible and you adjust the strength on the base (feels like your base will clip or not use its potential)

Really hope someone from fanatec can make this clear.

Kind regard and sorry for asking if this was asked earlier (couldnt find something about it with the search)



  • You don't need to have either at 100%. Find a balance where the game is not sending out either a clipped signal or one where the weakest forces are attenuated out of existence and then use the wheel base to define the strength of the FFB.

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