DD2 and DD1 Dimensions & Differences


Looking at upgrading from the V2.5 to a Podium DD1 or DD2

From what I have read they are identical in size and the only difference is 5 nM of force and the jackets use different materials for presentation ? Are these the only differences ?

Like the title says I am also looking for the dimensions of the DD2 & DD1 so I can determine what I would need to alter on my homemade rig to accommodate one of these wheel bases

The product page only has the dimensions of the package ? I can see where that is useful but the actual product is either not there or I have not been able to find it ?

Any help appreciated

Thank you


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    Also the Standard 5yr warranty vs 3yr on the DD1. You can also find the dimensions on the drilling template under downloads on the product page.

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    As Joseph said, the dimensions are available in the drilling template.

    For the differences DD1 vs DD2, DD2 has the following advantages:

    • 5Nm more Holding Torque
    • 5Nm more Peak Torque
    • Different Electronics
    • Faster acceleration
    • Carbon Fiber side and top plates
    • Killswitch included
    • 2 years more warranty
  • Thanks for the response

    After doing a ton of research on these wheel bases I am leaning heavily towards the DD2 over the Simucube 2 Pro

    Both are compelling products and believe either would be a great solution, however the Simucube does not support the Microsoft Forza

    Motorsports titles and after discussing with a guy over at Simucube they have no plans to attain compatibility with those titles ? That is a

    tough pill to swallow as I play every week with friends. While I admit they are not real seriouse sim titles they are just fun to play. I can't wrap

    head around why they would not want to support these titles and does not seem to make sense from a business model perspective ?

    That along with it supports the RSR 918 wheel I already have and has no wires ids a nice touch

    Just hope I can get a good solid connection to the quick release. Mix stories saying ot is not a proble and other syaing it is a huge problem ?

    So thinking I am rolling with the DD2 system

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