Issues with connectivity Formula V2 wheel

In need of some help, as i'm pulling my hair out. I have a CSL elite base, and up until now i was using the universal hub circle track version and had it working well. I just got the Formula v2 wheel with APM and with the drivers/firmware i had the computer doesn't recognize the wheel. So i updated the driver to 334 which is the one listed for this wheel, and the subsequent firmware update that came with it for the base. Still nothing. I've been through so many drivers and firmware sets now that i'm lost. I had gotten my original wheel back working by reverting back to v311 and its firmware package. Super frustrating, any help is appreciated.


  • For the Formula v2 with APM you need at least driver 336 which is available on the download page of the Formula v2 and the APM.

    For even better compatibility and fixed use driver 347, available in this forum in the beta driver part.

  • Did you ever sort this out Richard?

    Im having the exact same issue with with FormulaV2 (Minus APM) which arrived today, on a Clubsport v2.

    -Have tried the latest drivers, as well as beta 346 and 347. My other wheels still work fine, but cant get this one to detect.

  • Sorted my issue now. Previously the Fanatec software was freezing when i went into it, but managed to finally get in and update the firmware of both the wheel base, and then the rim.

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