Looking to purchase Forza Motorsport Wheel Bundle

Well, I went to place an order last night and apparently it's sold out!

Is there a timeline of when it might be available again!?

Is there a wait list i can get on?


  • I placed a order for my forza bundle on 4/15 and it said in stock available and ready to ship. Then after I paid for everything I get a receipt that shows quantity of 1 on everything but the steering wheel? I'm on the frontlines of this pandemic so I do have a understanding of what's going on. But here is my issue.

    1 I have sent out emails with no return.

    2 I have called only to find out the # is not in service.

    3 gone on the web page that says this location is temporarily closed.

    Now as I am in NY idk what the regulations are in California but some sort of response would be nice. I mean if they did send me everything but my wheel that's kind of pointless even though I could modify a wheel to fit on it. Here in NY even if you cant be at work we have workers working from home that atleast check emails and reply. It really makes me feel like they took my money and ran! I really dont think that's the case and I know it's only been a few days but I am ready to take the matter farther if i dont hear back soon. Not really the best way to do business if you ask me. If you have a problem getting to work and shipments out or are forced to close for the time being a banner or warning would be nice somewhere on the web page. But if forced to close then you shouldn't have people paying for a product they cant recive. Contact would go along way and be much appreciated!

  • I'm with ya! I placed a order the next day when items seemed to be back in stock. After looking at my invoice it looks like they might send me everything but the the base and the pedals!? But then again i was only charged $680 and not the full price of the bundle. I'll be patient and see how all this works out. I'm on the front lines as well so i get it.

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