DD1 base lose precision (impossible to drive)

My first email sent to support was wednesday last week.

Support department has answered me only two times (each email answer different people), they have always asked me for some test, asking me for a videos.

I am still waiting to Fanatec support repply last email since wednesday morning.

My problem persist again and again and again...

The following videos show you the issue about lose precision during the wheel base is ON (while I am driving or rest).

I have 3 videos more in my youtube account..

My DD1 wheel base is inside the box, so 1200€ parked.

Obviously, I test all the drivers available (beta and not beta, even 347). I reinstall all of them more than 50 times and always the same result. The DD1 works fine the 2,3 or 4 firts hours after to install the drivers, but suddenly, the issue appears (presicion losed). This issue can be solved for next 2, 3 or 4 hours if I reinstall the drivers (wathever you like) and the issue appears again. Also the issue can desappear if I don’t touch the wheel during a long time, but it is totally random.

I don’t know how fanatec support works, but I am very desappointed, because I always bought Fanatec products with a good initial result. Now, I am living a problem with a product (which still on warranty) and it is a nightmare.

I would like a solution as soon as possible, please.



  • I still have no solution.

    Only exchange three emails (one each 5-6 days😳) with Support department without solutions. They don’t give me any way to procedure, so my problem started three weeks ago and my wheel was bought on 17 January 2020...

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