Podium Racing Wheel F1 won't detect attached Steering Wheel

hello everyone,

I finally was able to afford the DD1 in F1 edition and it was sent to me today.

First I downloaded Fanatec_64_driver_346 which won't detect any USB Controllers to the PC (Win10 64 bit).

I then downloaded Fanatec_64_driver_335. After startup according to the manual/video i installed the latest WB firmware and the latest motor firmware.

At no point during this process the attached Fanatec F1 Steering wheel (blue) seeming to be detected by my DD1.

I then tried Driver v346 again which detected the Base. Installing the latest firmware and still the steering wheel is not to be detected.

Fanatec_driver_352_beta didn't do the trick.

Even going back to Fanatec_64-driver_328, the version that was used in the video guide, was not my solution.

Checking the Pins of the Steering Wheel everything seems to be fine. No pins are bent, nothing is darkened or anything.

Attaching my Formula Rim V1 that still was in use yesterday on my CSW V1.5 was not recognised by the wheelbase.

Sadly I'm not able to contact them until Monday, 2pm CEST for support.

So I was hoping maybe somebody in the forums has a solution for me before that other than sending it in for servicing.

Thanks in advance,



  • Update:

    The F1 V2 Steering Wheel is working just fine on my CSW V1.5, without the additional functions the V1.5 doesn't support of course.


    • WheelBase is communicating with the PC just fine.
    • Steering Wheel F1 V2 works, too.
    • the connection from the Wheelbase to any peripherals (steering wheels) is not given.

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