CSW (V1) not responding to PS3 after latest 328 driver update.

After having an issue with my CSL Elite which is getting repaired (hopefully), I had updated my original CSW (V1) with the latest v328 update driver but now the neither wheel (Formula rim or BMW rim) will light up or operate correctly when the 2 lower buttons are pressed to enter PS3 mode (I know old school - but just for messing about with). The menus can be accessed by the buttons on the wheel etc, but no steering or pedal inputs are available. Is there something I am doing wrong or is there an issue with this update driver. Oh, incidentally, I have checked that everything seems to be working via the computer, and all controls seem normal via Fanatec wheel property programme


  • Hi Craig, I have the same Issue, I have a new CSL Elite F1 and I want to use the PS3.

    I see the old set up pressing the 2 buttons but not Work and I can´t see the picture to the new firmware versión.

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