CSWv2 clicking noise

Hello fellow Fanatec people :)

My base (CSWv2) has developed this clicking noise but only when turning left !! It can be heard even with the base turned off .

My base has been perfect for the years ive had it and only in the last few days started making this noise :( Hopefully somebody knows what is causing this and if anyone has any ideas as to how it may be fixed or at least some ideas to try to see what is causing this noise .

I have contacted Fanatec support and they are brilliant (as always) and are offering to look at the base and quote me on a repair but i have 2 issues , first the time without the base ( i need it as sim racing is my only release from this cruel cruel world) and then the cost that the repair may be . I am afraid of the cost to repair it and that money could go towards a new base of even a new graphics card or something .

Here is a video showing the noise . This is with the base turned off .


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