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I really need longer cables for my DD1. The CSL Elite supplied USB fits my setup perfectly I rather not change it. Can I use it? Same goes for the RJ12 for my CSL Elite LC pedals I cannot use anything shorter. If its for the ferrite chokes I can get those.

I'm not talking about what is recommended, I'm talking about will using any other Fanatec USB cable or Fanatec RJ12 cable have dire consequences for the DD1?

If so what is the logic in that?



  • its fine to use other cables. I'm using longer replacement usb and rj12 with no issues.

  • This is not true for the RJ12 cable!

    It's mentioned in the Quick Guide and even on the back of the DD to only the new supplied RJ12 cable to connect the pedals.

    If you use the old one without a ferrite core then you will get EMI issues at some point.

    So yes you can use a different USB cable (also only ones with ferrite cores) but you have to use the new RJ12 cable for the pedals!

  • Hello,

    I need a longer Usb cable too,which one do I need to order,a 2.0 or a 3.0?

  • O, btw it is for a Podium base..

  • Ok,thanks!

  • Thank you guys!!!!

    I moved to USB for the CSL Elite LC pedals, now I'm on that 16Bit Braking hehe, I don't need to adjust braking force from the wheelbase I got my braking under control as I ONLY race GT3 cars. For the USB I'll be using the CSL Elite USB cable then, it has ferrite chokes on the ends.

    Yes It's a podium DD1, I'm part of the rich man's game now.

    Now I need an even longer RJ12 for my shifter, AMAZON time.


  • Oh yes it is. I've had it set up this way for 12 months and it works perfectly. The Fanatec cable is not some kind of magic cable, other equal and indeed better shielded cables are readily available for those that run into EMI issues. I presume Fanatec do not want you using the one that comes with the pedals as it is very poorly shielded. If you are prone to EMI use at least CAT6 certified cable - CAT7 if you want to be certain of the best available shielding.

  • I left the pedals connected to the USB port, I think I like it better this way. My setup is now complete, everything works like a dream.

    Thanks guys.


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