Disable vibration motor in the Podium F1 Wheel Rim

Unfortunately it looks like my wheel has the issue where there's a constant low vibration even when the SHO value is off. I used to use the SHO value until the motor started making weird noises so I turned it off but now I can notice this.

It's really annoying. At first I thought it was because I was playing around in rFactor 2 for the first time in ages and it was coming from a grainy FFB signal but it happens all the time even when idle and when there's no game and others have the same issue. I can hear the little motors inside the wheel when I put my ear to it.

So my question is. Can I turn them off completely? Surely it must not be hard to kill the power to them when the SHO is set to off.

Otherwise I'm going to have to request a new wheel under warranty.


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    Hey John, I have exact the same problem. I have contact support. But I think it currently exists a little longer.

    New DD1 with Clubsport F1 esport wheel

    was there a solution for you?

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